1. Pizza & friends....

    Pizza & friends....

  2. Gotcha6

    CLT Woodworkding Show

    I'm signing us up for a booth (30 x 10') at the Charlotte Woodworking Show this year. The date has not yet been determined, but we'll need volunteers to staff the booth. In addition to the booth, the show sponsors are offering the following: Anyone out there up for it? We need to know...
  3. A

    CLT at Wood Turning Symposium - Greensboro

    Anyone going up there? I'd like some largish Marble Wood Blanks and would be glad to give you some money tonight or meet you at an exit of 85. Would chip in for your gas if you're going.
  4. A

    CLT - Orangetown SC

    I have a member interested in some magazines. Anyone going that way in the next week or so?
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  9. A

    Trees on the ground in CLT

    A friend of mine posted these pics on fb of trees that came down yesterday. i told him some of yall might be interested in them. if you are let me know and i'll put yall in touch with each other. i think he lives in south charlotte.
  10. manfre

    DW788 for $75 on CLT CL (probably gone) Emailed a while ago and got no response, so I'm assuming it's gone. This raises the important question, have all of you had the basic discussion with your spouse and/or family about how to roughly price your tools in the unfortunately...
  11. T

    CLT craigslist HEGNER Multimax 18V Scroll Saw & Stand - $475

    HEGNER Multimax 18V Scroll Saw & Stand - $475
  12. C

    DW788 Type 1 on CLT CL for $250

    Not Mine From the ad: Dewalt DW788 Scroll Saw & Stand for Sale - $250 (Fort Mill/Baxter) Date: 2011-05-13, 11:14AM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Cleaning out the garage and...
  13. Tarhead

    Anybody Going to CLT Woodcraft This Saturday?

    If you plan to go to the Charlotte Woodcraft this Saturday and would be willing to pick something small up for me please send a PM. Thanks!
  14. Tarhead

    Beaver 10" Benchtop Saw on CLT CL $50

    These are rare in the US. Popular in Canada for being small, precise and well built. Not mine: 10 in Table Saw w/belt drive - $50 (Rock Hill) Date: 2011-02-20, 10:44AM EST Reply to: [Errors when...
  15. Gotcha6

    CLT Woodcaraver's Showcase

    A looooong article in the Local section of the CLT Observer yesterday featured the talents of the Charlotte Woodcarver's club & announced they are having their 28th annual showcase next Saturday. The article did not, however, state where it was being held. I assume it's at the Marion Diehl...
  16. A

    Woodshop on CLT Craigslist - Not Mine All the tools you need to stock a Woodshop/Cabinet shop!!! - $5400 (South Charlotte) Date: 2011-02-09, 3:39AM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] All tools are in good working order and are...
  17. Rhythm House Drums

    Borrow a Lathe for a few hours in CLT

    Hey, just a thought, and some of you may already do this... What if we had a shop experience section where we post what tools we have in our shop. This would be great for the woodworker looking to buy some equipment but not being able to touch or run it. We'd get a large selection of tools I'm...
  18. A

    Dewalt 735 CLT Craigslist - Not Mine

    this is a screaming deal and it won't last long. Dewalt DW735 Planer - $250 (Fort Mill, SC) Date: 2011-01-26, 11:10AM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Dewalt DW735 Planer. Needs blades...
  19. Tarhead

    5HP Cabinet Saw (Uni?) on CLT CL $350

    Just listed, not mine. Jump fast or it'll be gone: Heavy Duty Table Saw Rock Well 5hp - $325 (S.C. 803-518-7213) Date: 2011-01-16, 8:37PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] I have a 5 hp...
  20. C

    Sakura scroll saw - $50 Clt CL

    Not mine

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