1. C

    Woodworker/ Wood Turners dream sale

    Wood workers Estate Sale: Our Father passed away and we are selling all of his Books (over 1000) on woodworking, tools, shop-smith with many attachments- some New never opened!, Lathe, chisels, bowl turning equipment, routers, leather apron, sanders, saws, clamps, dust collectors, wood bowls...
  2. R

    A TON Of Woodworking Name Brand Tools And A LRG RARE TUCKER VISE

    I have a huge assortment of woodworking tools and a very rare tucker vise also matsumura chisels and clamps amd planes most of the brands that u have are Jorgensen, Lee Valley, Starelett, Vertias etc and almost everything is brand new in the packages. My number is 828-744-3962 or email me at...
  3. I


    Looking for some kbody clamps. Need about 8 30" clamps. Where is the best (cheep) place to buy. Thanks
  4. MarkE

    How to convince your spouse you need more clamps.

    I told SWMBO about the closeout sale on Bessey clamps at Peachtree. She said "Do you really need more clamps?" So i walked her out to the shop. View image in gallery She said "Go ahead."
  5. Clamps


  6. D

    24" Irwin SL300 Quik Clamps sale

    I've got the 12" and use them all the time. This is a great price for the longer clamps: or check the Rockler site
  7. ScottM

    Corner clamps or jigs

    I am building a few frames and shadow boxed some of my scroll saw projects. I have a few of the Bessey 90 degree clamps but I am not super happy with them. What clamps and or jigs are you all using?
  8. jaustin

    clamps wanted.

    Anyone seen any good deals on clamps? I will be starting a Hal taylor chair in the next month or 2. I don't have a bunch of clamps and from the glue ups It looks like I a will be needing a bunch of clamps. So looking to find a good deal on some.
  9. AmishWarlord

    Clamps info web page?

    Anyone have a link to an informative web site on woodworking clamps. I'd like to know what the names of the different types are, how and when to use a certain one and the history and development of that particular clamp.
  10. S

    Clamps for Woodworking - $25 (Chapel Hill)

    not mine Clamps for Woodworking - $25 (Chapel Hill) Date: 2011-04-09, 7:59PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Various clamps as pictured. 2 large wood clamps and 2 C clamps pictured...
  11. manfre

    CL - Super Sale - Bar Clamps (Louisburg)

    “Super Sale” - Bar Clamps (Louisburg) Date: 2011-03-10, 8:28AM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Get some of your woodworking friends together and come on over to get the best prices on bar clamps. It’s worth the drive. New Shop-Tek Bar...
  12. S

    CLAMPS wood - $190 (Raleigh )

    not mine CLAMPS wood - $190 (Raleigh ) Date: 2011-03-05, 6:15PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] 27 clamps some are new some are well used. $190.00 for all a little over $7.00 each, A...
  13. LeftyTom

    Adult Assistance: Pipe Clamps

    So I am going to need some pipe clamps for my next project. Stopped by the local hardware store and found 3/4" Pony clamps for $12.99. I got the one on the shelf, and had them order me 4 more. Also had them order me three 10' sections of 3/4" black iron pipe, threaded on both ends ($13 each)...
  14. S

    8 Bessey Parrallel clamps - $200 (chapel hill)

    nOT MINE <H2>Bessey Parrallel clamps - $200 (chapel hill) Date: 2011-01-23, 5:56PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] 4-Bessey k3.531 K-body 31" Parrallel Jaw clamps 4-Bessey k3.540 K-body...
  15. S

    Woodcraft Clamps Set $100 plus ship Amazon

    Woodcraft Clamps via Amazon
  16. Bigdog72

    Parallel clamps

    I am in need of some 12-15" clamps for glue ups. Has anybody ever had success cutting down a Bessey or Jet parallel clamp?
  17. H

    Oh the shame of it.... a WWer without enough clamps!

    Ok all. I am a long time woodworker, but get this, be prepared, maybe you should sit down.... I do not have enough clamps! I'm almost too embarrassed to sign my name to this public admission. I am working on a big table project, a 10' long and 40" wide table. I plan to glue this up next...
  18. kooshball

    Do Jet Parallel Clamps ever go on sale??

    I have been watching and waiting for these clamps to go on sale somewhere but it doesn't seem to happen. Has anyone noticed an annual sale anywhere for these? I love them but I would love them more if they were less expensive. Thanks
  19. F

    3/4" pipe for pipe clamps

    Where is a good, and preferably cheap, source for pipe around raleigh?
  20. SgtSnafu

    40% off Toggle Clamps at Peachtree

    Peachtree Woodworking Supply has a 40% off special on some of their toggle clamps... Check out this link... Toggle Clamps Be sure to put in the keycode ( TGL1 ) at the top of the cart to see the discounted price.. I'd like to get a few of the push/pull type, but not today with my budget...

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