1. Scott Meek

    Check out the 2012 class schedule at Gregory Paolini Design

    The schedule has been released for the GPD Woodworking Academy. There are still a few class descriptions that are missing, but they will be coming soon. Check out the schedule now and be sure to sign up soon for any classes you are hoping to take. I hope to even see some of you in the classes I...
  2. MarkE

    The switch on my DC is kaput (DIY remote installed)

    Went to turn on my Oneida DC this morning and got nothing. I opened up the switch box and found several melted wires. Took a quick trip to Lowes and picked up a 30 amp DPST switch and wired it in. Got the DC working again with that temporary fix. I can get a new magnetic switch from Grizzly...
  3. W

    Check my HVLP plans please

    My 15 year old Accuspray HVLP turbine just died so I am in the market to replace. I typically sprayed oil enamels for cabinets and oil poly for stained stuff. Tried to spray latex but I had to thin it so much I lost all gloss off the finished product. Would water borne lacquers be a...
  4. R

    Can You Fix A Check?

    Is it possible to repair a check in the end of a really nice board? I realize that if a board has checked and the crack is 1/4" or wider, it would be pretty impossible. I have some wide boards that have checks in the end that have not really separated more than a 1/16" or less and I was...
  5. cskipper

    Where did spell check go?

    I no longer have the icon for spell check on my posts. Is this a browser change or a site change?
  6. Shamrock

    Lathe Check then PE Holly Springs to Charlotte

    This is a dual post. I found a lathe for sale in Holly Springs near HWY 55 and was wondering if anybody would be available to check it out for me. It's a VS delta mini. I'm not a turner so wouldn't know what to look for but seems like a good lathe (rated 1st in recent Fine Woodworking) Then...
  7. Ken Massingale

    Brain Check Please!

    I've been asked to do a pet urn (dog) for a friend of our daughter. I asked her to find a couple on line that she likes so I can get a feel of what she wants as far as style. Now, I have found that the recommended size for urns is 1 cubic inch for each pound of live weight. Unless I have...
  8. Joe Scharle

    Debit / Check Cards

    Since some of you incur out-of-pocket expenses while performing the duties of your portfolio, I'm wondering if you would like to have a corporate card to allow for direct billing. That's the question that prefaces the next. Should the board allow some/all members to carry a corporate card...
  9. NCTurner

    Check out this How To site

    Awesome!! Link Oh yeah for you Neanders. Link
  10. jimwill48

    Need You to check Out my Website for me!

    Hi everyone, I know some of you have already visited my website. But since I've been unemployed I have really been working / adding to it. Taking photo's and adding. This is not a sales pitch as the shopping cart is not even active yet.. But I would like some feedback on what you like or don't...
  11. ScottM

    Hey Carvers check these out

    Not mine......
  12. Mike Davis

    Double Check me PLEASE

    I installed a 220V outlet in my shop today and I'd like a second check to be sure I got it right. After i flipped the breaker and nothing went kablooie I checked the voltage at the outlet. The numbers are what my volt meter read and the colors are the wire color. Does this look right...
  13. GeorgeL

    Check Out

    Hi Everyone, Over the past few months Alex and his mom have been working to build a website for Alex's business, Pens for College. They tried a few different site building options with various levels of success. Then a few weeks ago I saw a post by Sandy Rose mentioning Microsoft OfficeLive...
  14. flatheadfisher

    Check This Plane Out

    Woodwrangler, this would go nicely with your new LN...
  15. ScottM

    Someone down east might want to check this

    Not mine...
  16. flatheadfisher

    Check This Plane Out|65%3A1|39%3A1|240%3A1318 Dude must be dreaming.
  17. DaveO

    Spell check???

    Is the site's spell check still available for newer users? I know I have the in the upper right corner of my reply text box. But it seems that it might be invisible to many :roll::roll:, or not functional :dontknow: Also I was given a link a few years ago, I believe on this site, for a general...
  18. S

    WOW CHeck this out !

    nOt mine, wish it was, Wood workers dream - 4 tools priced to sell Reply to: Date: 2008-11-04, 2:40PM New still in the boxes - a Delta 10" contractors table saw with 30" biesemeyer fence system and table board (model 36-451X), a Delta 16.5" drill press (model...
  19. LeftyTom

    Check Your Blade Height

    I intended to cut a 1" shim (I know, mighty big for a shim) on the TS. All went well until the end of the cut. Then I got kickback, mashed my finger (not worthy of a pic), and broke my blade guard. :BangHead: My error was the blade was set about 1/4" too low, from where I had made cuts...
  20. meika123

    Check this out Rob

    Here is the latest offering of my cyclone construction. I have supported the top of the unit, as well as the cone. I will also, most likely, support the motor and impeller. It is, after all, quite heavy. Whaddayathink?

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