1. E

    Cyclopse Cat Hollow form

    This was a burl wrapped around about a 3" limb. I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of it before I started. View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery
  2. Baaaadddddd kittyyyyyyy

    Baaaadddddd kittyyyyyyy

    Where'd da mouse go ?
  3. Sunny and Romeo

    Sunny and Romeo

  4. Sharp Blade

    Cat Box is done!

    Much to the kitties relief! LOL Here it is: Also inside:
  5. DaveO

    Cat bed WIP

    As a project to review the Bowclamp cauls system, my wife suggested that I make a bed for one of our cats, Pickles. Here is what I came up with: It's Lacewood for the back, with a hard Maple inlayed "P" (for Pickles :roll: ) with QS and riff sawn Red Oak for the legs and rails. I bet...
  6. SteveColes

    Discount Cards and herding cat & butterfiies.

    There are currently 235 members who will be eligible, but if I generated the cards today only 109 people would get them. Why becuase a confidentional and optional field has not been filled in. I have gone as far as sending an email to each member that was in this situation with a direct link to...
  7. J

    Table saw vs. cat

    My wife's cat stays in the garage at night. Lately he's been getting on top of my table saw, evidently straight from the litter box, because he's left rusty footprints and a little cat litter on there. While I am trying to stay calm, I REALLY do not want to have to cover/uncover my saw when I...
  8. Big CAT

    Big CAT

    Workin hard on the 953C

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