1. Hook

    Wife took the camera with her

    To Virginia, something about her daughter's wedding planning. :icon_scra Must be a girl thing to have to have pictures of a food tasting. Anyhow, I can't prove the final Pink Ivory chess piece is cut out 'till she gets home tomorrow. :eusa_doh: I did a lot of sanding on the really burnt up...
  2. M

    [Problem-Gallery] Camera Icon not working

    Steve, The camera icon next to everyone's Name on the left side of posts doesn't point to their photo gallery, but to their profile.
  3. Monty

    My latest project... a CAMERA!

    Well... a PINHOLE camera, that is! ;) Some leftover oak, a piece of 0.003" brass sheet stock, and some scraps of laminate to make the "springs". Let's see, if my calculations are correct... Pinhole diameter: 0.020" Field of view: about 53° Focal length: a little...
  4. SteveColes

    Camera Icons

    Monty has added a better method for the photo icons that we used to have. First and most important, they only show up, if the member has Photos loaded. Also, the icon now shows up on both post header types and the member profile and the member list. Good work and thanks:eusa_clap :eusa_clap...
  5. Matt

    Camera in Fayetteville Museum of Art

    Unlike someone else on this forum who apparently can't be trusted with a camera without adult supervision:dontknow: I took mine to Fayetteville with me today. Pete and I strolled over to the Art Museum at lunch and here are some pics. More can be found here...

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