1. 18_Floorboards1


    floorboards- redwood
  2. 17_Twhart_Gusset


    thwart -redwood and ash gusset- ash and redwood
  3. 16_Bhookin


    gluing breasthook
  4. 15_Breasthook


    Breasthook - redwood and ash all redwood is a recycled picnic table
  5. 14_Inwales


    inwales in place
  6. 13_Ribsin2


  7. 12_Ribsin1


    ribs in and frame off the jig
  8. 11_Ribmatl


    ash ripped for rib material
  9. 10_Steam3


    got steam
  10. D

    Need to build a spray booth

    Hi all, I want to build a small spray booth and I've found an explosion proof fan from Northern Tool for $600. I'd like some feeback on whether this should be adequate for a small booth. I am working with smaller parts for...
  11. tkpinsc

    cabinet build advice

    I don't do much with plywood but I recently started a project to build display tables, a sales counter and a service counter for a new computer store. Most of the work will be in hardwoods but the counter carcasses will be 3/4" birch plywood with a hardwood face frame, hardwood tops and a...
  12. sawduster

    If you want to build a house ......

    To paraphrase Earl in his sig ....if you want to build a house , don't ask someone how , just build it :eusa_danc ...I love that , it has changed my life in so many ways :mrgreen: that is the attitude I took when I decided to build a flag case for my next door neighbor for her recently...
  13. rcflyer23

    Guitar Build

    Last year I tried my first guitar build and botched it up pretty good. Pretty depressing but I am at it again. I'm almost done this time around. I learned alot during that build and even more during this build so hopefully the 3rd time will be the charm. :) I've already know what I want to...
  14. W

    Start of a cyclone build

    Last Saturday I picked up a load of scrap someone had left in the woods behind our house (car hood, old stove, other scrap iron). I had today off for President’s day so I hauled it out to C & C Metals in Marshfield and traded it for a 4 X 8 sheet of 22 gage steel. While I was there I also picked...
  15. cypress coffee table

    cypress coffee table

    base with the shelf
  16. cypress coffee table

    cypress coffee table

    base assembled without the shelf
  17. cypress coffee table

    cypress coffee table

    assembling the base
  18. cypress coffee table

    cypress coffee table

    legs after glue and cutting down to final size
  19. cypress coffee table

    cypress coffee table

    gluing up the legs
  20. cypress coffee table

    cypress coffee table

    tote of dust i made milling the lumber

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