1. danmart77

    Adirondack Guideboat build Here's a guy up in Baltimore working way on his second GB. He takes great photos and explains things well. Take a look. dan
  2. Mike Davis

    need to build horse run in

    What do you recommend for the wood and does anybody have some cheap? I mean really cheap? :rotflm:
  3. Randall Kepley

    Recent Build (not the norm around here)

    Hey Guys and Gals thought you might like to take a look at these , kinda out of the norm around here but dont let them fool you the different elements here arent that easy to accomplish , thanks for looking. R.K.
  4. Asheville Hardware

    Build a wood plane class

    Just wanted to let you all know, there is still room for a couple open spots in the Wood Plane class I am teaching here at the store tomorrow. Wood planes perform unlike any metal bodied plane out there. They provide unparalleled feedback when in use, letting you know through tactile feedback...
  5. J

    Dreadnaught guitar build

    Thought I'd share my latest project w/you folks -- a six-string Dreadnought-sized acoustic guitar of my own "square shoulder" pattern. I play mostly bluegrass and country/western with a bit of fingerstyle so this guitar tries to strike a balance of both via a few modifications to the bracing...
  6. Phil S

    September 24 shop build *UPDATED WITH PICTURES*

    Just wondering if any of you fine folks would like to come over and help with the shop build. By then I should have it dried in and be ready for siding and trim. If that does not sound fun enough, there will always be inside electrical and dust collection to install. I will provide a great...
  7. J

    Picture frames-worth the build?

    For a few one-off frames I think it's better to just bite the bullet and get a few professionally done frames, but they aren't cheap ($200-400 depending on the size, wood species, matting, etc). A 24" x 15" birdseye/curly maple frame that's 1.25" finished face width is about $24/linear foot at a...
  8. P

    how wood you build a buissness card holder out of wood

    tell me how you wood build a card holder:icon_thum :rolleyes:
  9. ErnieM

    Maybe you wanna build this!? UPDATE

    Hello all, As unbelievable as it sounds, it looks like no NCWW'er has decided to build a harpsichord.:gar-La; Being a glutton for punishment, I thought I'd try again - this time with a somewhat less ambitious project. Here it is, This is a music box that is an exact replica of a full sized...
  10. 26_Clear_3xb


  11. 25_Clear_3xa


    3 coats of clear water based varnish
  12. 24_stem_doubler


    Both ends get a double layer of Dacron
  13. 23_ready2retension


    re-tension Kevlar after skin is shrunk
  14. 22_skin


    Heat shrink Dacron skin
  15. 21_ready2skin


    2- strand Kevlar applied on diagonals
  16. 20b_Varnish2


    D-fir, Ash and Redwood
  17. 20a_Varnish1


    Varnished everything with Z-spar Captains Varnish
  18. 20_Epoxy


    coated the critical parts with WEST system epoxy
  19. 1_Matl11


    Douglas fir 1x8 8' tapered for scarf and ripped down the middle
  20. 19_Floorboards2


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