1. TENdriver

    Boy, That’s Irritating!

    I literally took a single stabbing cut on some white pine. Since I’ve taken a “Wood is Good” mallet and pounded this type of chisel into white oak, I tend to think that this specific (and until now unused) chisel was defective!
  2. rifle_breakdown_27_


    Early 19th century rebuild/restore piece
  3. rifle_breakdown_23_


    Early 19th century rebuild/restore piece
  4. rifle_breakdown_18_


    Early 19th century rebuild/restore piece
  5. IMG_04332


  6. IMG_04321


  7. T

    bought a broken milwaukee router off of ebay

    not sure if this is a gloat I am not much about gloating but being thrifty I am all about... I took a little risk and just bought this off of ebay I had 2 or 3...
  8. Flute Maker

    Jet 1442VS Tailstock Broken Part ..Help !!!!!!!!!!

    I have a Jet 1442VS wood lathe. This morning I was putting a flute in the lathe and tightening up the tailstock......just pushed the long arm that locks the tailstock in place and the bolt underneath the bed sheared off and now I can't tighten my tailstock down. I don't then I tightened it to...
  9. H

    Welcome notice broken

    Hello, Your welcome private message is broken. I'm unable to provide you with a example because this editor is properly parsing the bbcode. Instead of showing links I'm seeing raw HTML in my inbox.
  10. CarvedTones

    16" Planer - $75 (Garner) (broken cutter head)

    Not mine; could be a deal if you can fix or replace cutter... 16" Planer - $75 (Garner) Date: 2011-06-02, 12:29PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] This planer does not work at this time. The...
  11. E

    AC Broken

    A couple of days ago I turned on my AC for the first time this year. It was blowing hot air instead of cold. I let it run for a day thinking it just had to run the kinks out or something. Finally I decided that something was wrong and started taking my unit apart and researching. After a few new...
  12. kooshball

    Broken leveling feet on G0490 jointer; repair options??

    I had some mud jacking concrete work done last week that required me to move my tools out of the garage and into my driveway. While moving the jointer across the concrete the "raise" level holding pressure to the wheel slipped and put the machine down unexpectedly. When it came down the force...
  13. C

    Broken Link

    The "How to get discount qualified" link under Klingspor's ad ( is broken and show a Page not found error... Chris
  14. MrAudio815

    Jet Jointer model JJ-6CSX Bell Crank Broken

    Hello NCWW's, I borrowed my Uncles Jointer, What a mess. I cleaned all the rust, I put new blades in. How do I get this thing apart to fix the real problem? Here are some pictures to help: The Real Problem... I didn't know about the locking pin and so when I went to raise the bed I...
  15. Bugle

    Broken Chair...need ideas

    I need suggestions on how to repair this broken chair...lag screw?, dowel? I know there are plenty of experts here, so I appreciate the professional advice. Here's what it looks like now: Top: Bottom:
  16. eyekode

    Inserting pictures broken?

    I am trying to post a new thread with some pictures. I have done this tons of times with no problems. I even read Bas' thread on the subject just to make sure something hadn't changed. When I click on the button it opens my gallery as usual. And typically I can pick as many pics as I want. But...
  17. merrill77

    broken calendar link?

    The first image under the "2011 NCWW Calendar" box in the upper-right links to this page: Which gives me a page not found error. Is it just me?
  18. MarkE

    Chat room broken?

    It appears that the chat room is not working. Except for Tracy. Maybe the door is locked from the inside?:gar-La;
  19. froglips

    Hybrid Mode Next Page issue still broken

    Hey gang! Many of you who like to browse threads in Hybrid mode have been faced with an annoying bug. When going to page two (three, four, etc), you'd get the new page, then jump back to the first page. Very annoying. Thanks to Steve Coles upgrade, I believe this bug is squashed. If...
  20. froglips

    vBSEO Broken: wreak'n havoc...

    We have started getting odd reports of errors. Seem to affect IE8, but now folks are finding "Avast Trojan Virus" alerts. I just kicked off a virus scan. More digging, but seems really bizzare. Jim

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