1. A

    Biscuit/plate Joiner- Dewalt DW682

    *** Update ****: SOLD Used Joiner as pictured below. I've only used it a handful of times. Asking $60 cash _or_ $40 donation to this forum (NCWW).
  2. Mark Gottesman

    PC Biscuit Joiner Clearance : Home Depot

    Just got back from Hanes Mall Rd Home Depot. Picked up a PC 557 Biscuit Joiner NIB for $120 + tax. The floor sample unit is still there. It may or may not have a box. None of the local HD show them in stock. Looks like a scouting mission would be needed.
  3. N

    Where to buy biscuit blade near Apex?

    I need a generic Feud/CMT blade for my Dewalt biscuit joiner today and calls to big boxes came up dry. Anybody know where I can find one local?
  4. S

    Dewalt Biscuit Joiner - $25 (Garner, N.C.)

    Not mine! Dewalt Biscuit Joiner - $25 (Garner, N.C.) Date: 2011-02-19, 5:19PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Works great but I have no use for it. Adjusts for depth and angles...
  5. S

    Festool Domino vs PC 557 Biscuit Joiner

    Any Domino owners ( may or may have owned the PC 557), Need opinions on whether the Domino, can adequately replace the Porter Cable Biscuit Joiner. As it relates to say......Face Frames, picture frames ( where smaller size biscuits are used) PC size biscuits range from FF, 0, 10 , 20...
  6. ACobra289

    Need biscuit joiner

    Hello all. I am working on a wainscoting project and just realized I am going to need a biscuit joiner. (I don't know why I thought I could use my pocket screw jig. :BangHead:) I hate to buy a new one since I probably won't use it very often after this project. I checked CL but didn't see any...
  7. B

    Elu Biscuit and Router on Raleigh Craigslist

    Folks, There is an Elu biscuit jointer and router on sale on Raleigh Craigslist. The two tools are the originals, not the junk after B&D bought the brand name. The biscuit jointer (I have the same model) is on par if not better than Festool or Lamello. Cheers, Bernhard
  8. Canuck

    PC Biscuit Joiner - Raleigh CL

    This is a pretty good deal on a Porter Cable biscuit joiner on Ral CL. If you are in the market for one, worth checking out. Link........... Porter Cable Plate/Biscuit Joiner - $80 (Raleigh) Date: 2010-06-01, 10:25AM EDT Reply to...
  9. Applying edge trim to router table top

    Applying edge trim to router table top

  10. S

    PC Biscuit Jointer-$75 Ral CL

    Not mine! TOOLS TOOLS TOOLS - $1 (North Durham) Date: 2010-03-03, 6:47AM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] MANY TOOLS FOR SALE. PORTER CABLE PLATE JOINER...NEW CONDITION $75.00, CRAFTSMAN 7...
  11. BKind2Anmls

    PC Router and DW Biscuit Joiner 24-hour Sale

    DeWalt DW682K Factory Reconditioned Biscuit Plate Joiner Kit Price:$224.36 Sale Price $114.99 + UPS Continental USA $5.00 shipping Condition: Factory Reconditioned Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer´s Warranty...
  12. J

    Biscuit Problem? or Not...

    I have noticed on several wood working shows, on TV, when biscuits are used the wood worker seems to apply pressure while inserting the biscuit. I used my biscuit cutter (RYOBI) on a recent job and all the biscuits went in rather loose. The cutter was purchased from a one time owner who used it...
  13. R

    Want first biscuit joiner

    Hello All; I've never had one, and am in the market for a good, all around biscuit joiner. I've found an article in the February, 2008 issue of "Woodworker's Journal" on page 74 called "How to choose a biscuit joiner". Does anyone know of any other tool review articles for these? I take most...
  14. Bas

    DeWalt biscuit joiner on CL

    Not mine. At $75, with the biscuit assortment, this looks like a great deal!
  15. tjgreen

    Ral CL: Porter-Cable biscuit joiner

    Not mine (I would never sell mine): New they're ~$220. Looks like a number of other items from the same seller in Clayton.
  16. L

    Ryoai DBJ 50 Biscuit Jointer

    Organizing the shop and came across a small biscuit jointer that was given to me by my brother. Does anyone have this jointer and if so would you tell me what size biscuit it uses and what application you have used it for? I tried to find something about it online with no success.
  17. smessick

    Biscuit Joiner Experience

    I am getting into making clocks with an octagonal face frame and it occurs to me that a biscuit joiner might be the way to go for the frame. I know absolutely nothing about biscuit joiners and am trying to learn. Anyone care to share their experience/opinion? Thanks. Stan Messick
  18. JackLeg

    Biscuit Joiners

    Back for more advice! What's your take on the best biscuit joiner for the money? What features are needed? Also, how about tenon joinery? Thanx.
  19. Canuck

    Biscuit Cutting 45 Degree Bevel

    Had a bunch of biscuit slots to cut at 90 degrees to a 45 degree bevel. Rather than totaling relying on the fence on the biscuit joiner, I constructed this little "sled" from from some "scrap BORG 3/4 ply". I was able to to cut all of the slots in the bevels perfectly centered on the...
  20. erasmussen

    biscuit joiner

    I am now have a biscuit joiner thanks to the generosity of yellofins:-) Many thanks Ron:icon_thum

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