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  2. erasmussen

    Big turning

    Off the lathe at last Its 33" tall, 1313 pieces of Maple, Preuvian Walnut, Ipe, Goncalo Alves, Canarywood, Red Heart and Yellow Heart woods. Thanks for looking
  3. J

    BIG Red Oak Logs

    Today on Hwy 64, a truck passed me with some HUGE red oak logs. Front bunk on the truck had five logs, and back had six. Drool, Drool!
  4. M

    A Big Thank You!

    I want to applaud the generosity of the many vendors that made their products and services available to us for our Fall 2011 raffle. Without their support, our fundraising efforts would fall short of our needs to maintain the high standards for the website and for the many ongoing activities we...
  5. Jim M.

    Big toy (tool) sale in Wilm.

    Not mine, but if you're in the market for commercial grade tools, looks like a sale for you. Jim
  6. Bigdog72

    Big Thank You to Bobby G

    Thank you for putting together the group buy on the Bessey clamps. I think I now have enough for awhile!! BTW, if you haven't toured Bobby's shop, do so if invited but be prepared for major shop envy!! I wish I had time to fully explore but the wife was waiting in the car :embaresse
  7. Randall Kepley

    Big Score Today ! ! !

    First off I want to let everyone here know what a STAND-UP GUY, Tim Mckenzie is ! As some of you know, Tim had quite a large amout of Mappa Burl for sale or trade. Well Tim and I started PMing back and forth and at the start were going to trade for maple or birch plywood for his shop cabinets...
  8. Big Green Egg Table

    Big Green Egg Table

    Table for my BGE smoker. Cumaru and Ipe
  9. Big Green Egg Table

    Big Green Egg Table

    Table for my BGE smoker. Cumaru and Ipe
  10. Big Green Egg Table

    Big Green Egg Table

    Table for my BGE smoker. Cumaru and Ipe
  11. sawduster

    Nephew wins big !!

    We spent a very hot afternoon yesterday at the Burlington BMX track attending the ABA Tarheel Nationals . It was worth every sweat-soaked minute when my nephew ( on the wife's side ) crossed the finish line ahead of everyone else to take his very first National win !! :banana: :icon_cheers...
  12. Tarhead

    Laguna 24" Bandsaw and Big Planer Chattanooga CL

    Brand new:
  13. PChristy

    uhh guys I have a big mess (round3)update

    Getting tired of trying to get up enough money to build a bigger one so I decided to renovate the one I have - I told my wife after reading some of the accidents and close calls that have happened to some others in a cluttered small shop - I will not be doing any wood work for awhile now Got it...
  14. Tarhead

    Advice on Moving a Big Bandsaw

    I need to make arrangements to move a big Bandsaw from Mebane to Concord. It's an MM20 (80" tall and ~800lbs:eusa_danc. Option one: Tip it on its spine into the back of my Tundra, brace it with 2X4's and ratchet straps. I will need a gang of strong guys to pull this off at both ends of the...
  15. C

    Huge Cabinet Shop Auction - Utah

    For our members out West, I thought you might be interested in knowing about this auction in Uta Charley
  16. N

    Small Workshop People... How big is too big...

    I have a pretty small workshop (one garage) and I was wondering how big is too big. I'm looking at upgrading my table saw. I'm thinking of making this table saw pretty much the center of my work space. Building a outfeed table that would double as a assembly table and storage at the bottom. So...
  17. B

    Custom Wood maiboxes were big as a child.

    I remember someone who did well making custom wood mailboxes as a child. I just wanted to tell the pros that it might be a good idea for them to get into that.
  18. Tarhead

    Big Print... Free Trial

    Matthias Wandel (the home made Bandsaw guy) has a cool program for taking a drawing/photo/scan/CAD file, enlarging it, scaling it and printing it out in tiles for full size templates. Check it out:
  19. ebarr

    Big Ooops

    So......what had happened was... I have a friend that runs a cleaning service. One of his employees spilled a air freshener on a dresser top. View image in gallery Top is solid not veneered. He called me for help...I am not a finish guy. He is willing to pay whatever is necessary to...

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