1. W

    Milliput Epoxy Putty Inlay

    I watched an interesting wood turning video which included an epoxy putty inlay. I have not seen this before and thought it would be good to share. Does anyone have experience with using this epoxy putty? Seems like there could be a wide range of applications aside from woodworking. Bubinga...
  2. blbradford

    Inay Banding

    If you need some Inlay Banding, I highly recommend looking at :eusa_clap I have bought from this site 5 times for various projects. The product ships the next day. They have a very large selection to choose from. I love to use the flexible stuff you can see it in this...
  3. Dcoop

    Small Wooden Crosses

    Where can I find small wooden crosses for inlay work? The size I am looking for is 1 1/8 inches wide, 1 1/2 inches tall and 1/8 inch thick. Thanks in advance for your assistance.:notworthy:
  4. M

    Inlay Banding for Turkey Calls

    I know there is a lot of interest in making wood turkey calls for the wild turkey hunter. I have several friends doing this, and they have been after me to make an inlay with a turkey track in it. After several attempts, here is what I came up with... The primary wood is mahogany with ebony...
  5. M

    Clover Inlay Banding

    Anyone have any idea where I can find a green Irish Clover - repeating pattern inlay banding?
  6. eyekode

    Making 1/4" edge banding

    Today I made a bunch of 1/4" edge banding for a project. I have never done this before so I thought I would ask how others would do it. Here was my process: 1) Ripped ~8" rough lumber to ~4" so it would fit in my jointer 2) jointed one face and edge 3) planed to thickness + a hair 4) setup a...
  7. Touchwood

    Custom Inlay Banding

    Hi Gang, I've started on a partner desk for a couple in Annapolis using Kyle Edwards beautiful unsteamed walnut..but this post isn't about me!! The customer wants an inlay on the top. Someone in NCWW pointed me to Matt Furjanic...I forget who it was now, but thanks a bunch anyway. I wanted...
  8. Wine Cellar WIP

    Wine Cellar WIP

    Edge Banding of Shelf Sides and Shelves.
  9. Wine Cellar WIP

    Wine Cellar WIP

    Edge Banding glue up
  10. Canuck

    Solid Wood Edge Banding?

    Have a pretty elementary question. (from a typical newbie:BangHead: ) If I am using solid wood for 3/4" plywood edge banding, how do I prepare the plywood edge? Do I just depend on the accuracy of my TS or should I cut the ply a wee bit oversize and make a couple of passes with a flush trim...
  11. mshel

    Cross banding help

    I am getting ready to start a project which requires cross banding the veneer around the outside edge. This is something I haven't done yet and would like to know if any of you have done this? The top will be veneered and the cross banding will be applied after the main field is dry. This...
  12. M

    dentil banding

    I'm trying to find some 5mm dentil banding to repair an old sideboard, but am having no luck locating the design and size I need on the Internet. :eusa_booh Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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