1. P1070954


    shop vac head mounted to Thien separator
  2. P1070950


    shop vac head mounted to Thien separator
  3. P1070948


    shop vac head mounted to Thien separator
  4. P1070945


    shop vac head mounted to Thien separator
  5. Joe Scharle

    Thien Baffle notes

    If you're still filling up your vac or dust collector; consider this: The bag in my vac has not been changed for 3-4 years. Here's a pic of the bag right after I lifted the motor head. It's puffed out from vacuum, not dust. Next pic is after I have pushed the air out. It has no dust in it that...
  6. kooshball

    Anyone have the Thein Baffle in their DC vs. in a separator?

    I am slowly becoming obsessed with DC and eventually I know that my obsession will lead to an over-powered, over-sized 240V cyclone but in the meantime I want to optimize what I have. My shop is a 2-car garage that occasionally needs to accommodate 1-car so my setup is portable and moved from...
  7. J

    Another vote for Phil Thein's baffle

    I'm getting started on my Toys for Tots cars. That means I will be band sawing out 100 car bodies, along with sanding out saw marks and routing a round over on all edges. First I figured out how to add DC to my 14" Delta band saw. (More on that later) Next, I wanted to capture dust before it...
  8. J

    Dust Collector baffle question

    I know, I know, I should know better than to ask a question about dust collection:BangHead:, but here it goes. This will be my set up so don't tell me that I need a cyclone, it's not in the stars at the moment. I have a Grizzly 2hp DC, I will be using 6" HVAC pipe ( got it free :eusa_danc)...

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