1. Flip Top Assembly Table

    Flip Top Assembly Table

    Flip Top Assembly Table
  2. Flip Top Assembly Table

    Flip Top Assembly Table

    Flip Top Assembly Table
  3. MarkE

    G0623X assembly Part 1 & Part 2 & finished? (for now)

    I started putting this beast together this morning, right after a trip to Lowes to pick up 10 ft of 10/3 power cord. One of the first things I noticed about this saw was the "4 inch dust port". Not so much. The connection on the back of the saw is for a 4" pipe, but that is just bolted onto...
  4. S

    Assembly Table and Tool Cabinet

    These are still a work in progress but so far I really like them. The assembly table is loosely based on The Wood Whisperers design but I made it a little smaller and put it on wheels. The torsion box is very nice. It was easy to build and is very flat and strong. Still need to wrap it with...
  5. S

    Applying Finish before assembly

    I'm in the process of building 6 stand alone boxes that are 4' by 1' with a divider brace placed mid way to avoid sagging. I plan on just using simple butt joints and wonder if I tape off the joint locations could I get away with applying stain and or finish prior to assembly to avoid corner...
  6. 09woodie22

    Assembly Table Available

    Friends, I have an old (heavy) assembly table available for someone who needs one and can drive to pick it up. It is located in my shop near Penhook, VA (south of Roanoke)(East of Rocky Mount). Scrounged it from a public school... no legs, just a laminated top heavy table. Doubled 2-bys as...
  7. bobby g

    Torsion box assembly table - UPDATED

    The assembly table in my shop is my favorite place to do just about anything but it has developed an annoying sag. After months of shimming temporary additional tops, I decided to stop and build a flat table top that will stay flat. I watched the David Marks program on the torsion box and set...
  8. kooshball

    Wire type for 240v extension cord or new, longer plug assembly

    What wire designation do I need to either make an extension cord for a 240v 20a circuit or make up a new, longer cord? I will only be extending 12' for a total of 18' of cord so 12ga should be fine but I would rather go to 10ga. Is there a designation to tell me that a certain cable is...
  9. A

    Assembly Table- I posted a video! New Version Posted

    I finally bought a small videocam and uploaded a short video of my original adjustable height assembly table. It is posted on the American Woodworker site which I believe requires Flash video viewer, a pretty standard helper function. Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, I'm not. Nor am I Steven...
  10. H

    Bandsaw assembly question

    So I splurged on a new bandsaw over the weekend and bought a Rikon 10-325. My question is during assembly the instructions told me to install the table and square it to the blade. I understand how to check to see if it is perpinduclar to the blade. But I do not know how to square it. The...
  11. H

    How to adjust pulley assembly on drive shaft?

    I am a new turner and bought a used Nova 3000 (I think that is the model). The drive pulley assembly is a single piece with several size pulleys. The position of this assembly seems have gradually shifted on the motor shaft, away from the motor. There is a key and keyway on the shaft, with a...
  12. A

    Assembly Table pic

    Since my editor wants to go in a slightly different direction for the "lead" photo, I thought I would post this. It is a PhotoShop layered pic of my old adjustable height assembly table. I submitted it as a sample/proposal for the lead photo for the article I am doing (they would manipulate...
  13. A

    Great Assembly Table for Sale

    I am putting this here rather than in the ads section because it is not a done deal. Some of you can guess why I might be doing this- I can't say any more. I hope to be selling either my current 4' X 7' adjustable height assembly table or a nearly identical, newly constructed one, for the...
  14. Matt Schnurbusch

    Grizzly G0555 Bandsaw Assembly

    This is a really long post. If you just want to see the slide show click HERE. ***If this is the wrong place for this type of post, please feel free to move it *** Due to the recommendations of the woodworking world and the World Wide Web as a whole I bought the Grizzly G0555 Ultimate...
  15. Rob

    assembly table/outfeed table

    I'm kicking around the idea of building a small assembly table that would double as an outfeed table for my Delta contractor saw. I have thought about building a folding outfeed table, but connecting it to the rails might prove a problem, since my Bessy clone fence uses it to ride around the...
  16. W

    Rikon BS assembly

    Is there anybody close to Mooresville that has either assembled a Rikon BS or a Band Saw in general.This is my first one so I'm a little in the dark and could use some guidance :BangHead:on finishing up the setup on this baby.I'm trying to figure a way to check that both wheels are in alignment...
  17. JackLeg

    Assembly Table Help Wanted

    :tinysmile_cry_t2:Anyone know of plans/dimensions for a good assembly table design? :eusa_thin The more stuff we build, the more my old back is saying "Do Something!" I believe it was in Jeremy's post that someone mentioned the "Wood Whisperer" or David Marks. Do they have a site and plans...
  18. L

    Breadboard assembly question

    I am just getting ready to cut my tenons and the mortise for my trestle tabletop and would appreciate some help. I have made two breadboards in the past, one for the trestletable top for my son and his wife and I also made one for the walnut secretary. This top has two sections with a 5"...
  19. L

    Top assembly for chest of drawers

    I have two 10" wide boards that I can join together to get an 18" top, something tells me that I would be better off making the boards into four boards while the lazy side of me says two boards joined would be just fine. Opinions welcomed. Board is about 1" thick if that matters. Lorraine
  20. Jon

    finished my assembly table

    I finally finished it. Well almost, I still need to put Some type of Poly on the wood. It has a formica top and the Table is made of MDF. I can raise it up. here it is. Any suggestions or comments are welcome. Thanks To John (Woodguy) For the inspiration

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