1. CarvedTones

    AndyBarnhart is now CarvedTones

    I have been planning to switch over one of these days. My long term plan is to semi-retire someday making things and selling them under that moniker. I own the domain and registered the user name on the bay and other sites where I am active related to it. I figured I should do it here as well...
  2. S

    paging AndyBarnhart

  3. GeorgeL

    Happy Birthday AndyBarnhart

    :new_birth :new_birth :new_birth :new_birth Happy Birthday Andy! Here's hoping you have a GREAT day! :new_birth :new_birth :new_birth :new_birth George
  4. CarvedTones

    minor name change: arbarnhart to AndyBarnhart

    I was thinking about back@cha but decided to just make my name clearer. :wsmile: I have used arbarnhart for years on a bunch of sites. A lot of them only use lower case, which is why I typed it in that way. It's my initials and last name - A R Barnhart. It's usually a "who cares?" sort of...

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