1. D

    thought i had done this long ago............

    but apparently not :embarrassed: so here goes I've been woodworking in one way or other since i was a teenager; started out helping my dad with various carpentry projects and then when i got out of college went to work framing large fancy houses, all types of roofing and siding at...
  2. bitbight

    Long, long time ago

    When I first logged into NCWW I was known as "Snafucu" and created my intro page. I changed my name to Bitbight shortly after. For those of you who do not know me, here I am now somewhere about 120 on the member list. Old time retarded retired GI still living (thanks to those that be) and...
  3. E

    Turnings Since I started 6 months ago.

    I haven't posted here before so I thought it would be good to introduce myself with some of my work. I needed an incentive to clean my work bench off tonight and I thought it would be nice to see what I've done since I started with turning these things called art. So far, I've made about 45...
  4. kooshball

    Just got duplicate email receipts for raffle tickets bought weeks ago???

    I bought some raffle tickets with the google checkout in two separate purchases a few weeks back but just got duplicate electronic receipts today. I just want to make sure that I haven't been double billed for the drawing. Thanks
  5. Trent Mason

    6 months ago today.....

    Christy and I tied the knot. :rolleyes: We've been through some changes since then, being laid off, moving, starting over in a new area in a lot smaller apartment. :gar-La; But it has been wonderful and I know there's nobody else that I could do this with. As always, a big thanks to you all...
  6. Trent Mason

    A year ago today...

    Was the South Raleigh Shop Crawl and the first day that Christy and I met. In ways it seems a lot longer ago than that, but in other ways it seems like it was only yesterday. Either way, it has been the best year of my life and a month from now we'll be married. :rolleyes: Just wanted to...
  7. Rob

    Completed this a couple weeks ago

    Spalted Maple bowl, Phillip (ptt49er) gave me a while ago. Finished it with Danish oil and paste wax. Still working on the photography. I need to figure out how to get some more shadow, you can't really judge the size of the bowl. It's about 9" in diameter and 6" tall.
  8. T

    I thought I did this a couple years ago

    I'm Rick DiNardo. A lot of you knew that. The rest of you do now. My main business is The Moulding Source. See link below. My secondary business is The Woodworking Source. See Ad/Link to the right. Right below the Klingspor ad. That's right, the one with the pretty picture. ..............Are...
  9. W

    New about 2 mouths ago

    I joined about 2 mouths ago, I do wood working as a hobby, haven’t been doing furniture building that long, but love working with wood. I have 3.5 years left before I retire, and plan to do a lot more in my shop, I have collected a lot of wood working tools over the years and a good shop to work in.
  10. coastal1

    A cedar boat I built a few years ago

    This was my first attempt at a cedar planked boat. It still needs final sanding. Length is 12ft. beam 4ft. 16" depth. My ex-wife confiscated it so it now resides in GA. I will be building a few more boats as time allows.
  11. DaveO

    A little something made awhile ago - pics

    This is my first try at a bandsaw box. Tried it soon after getting my Griz. 0555Z 14" BS. I laminated pieces of white cedar 2x6" left over frrom an pergola I built at work. Got the inspiration from Lois Ventura's Building Beautiful Boxes w/ your BS book....great book if your interested in this...
  12. DaveO

    A little chair I made awhile ago

    My wife asked if I could make a chair for my daughter, because she loved sitting in one at daycare. The daycare had to take the chairs away after a child stood up on one and fell off. The child was totally fine, the parents were not. It's made out of one 4/4 Red Oak board with jigsaw cut box...

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