1. CDPeters

    ASTM 2729 Question (McRabbet, Alan in LW)?

    Guys (particularly Alan in LW, McRabbet) - I am rearranging the shop and need to do some DC plumbing. I currently use the 6" SDR35 pipe from Lowes 'cause I can't find anyone in the whole of Tidewater that carries 2729:BangHead::BangHead:. Do you guys know of a NC supplier - preferably in...
  2. GeorgeL

    Source for 6" PVC (ASTM 2729) - Again

    Does anyone know of a source in the Triangle area that carries 6" thin wall S&D PVC pipe? (ASTM 2729) I have seen ASTM 3035 at Lowes but at $33/10' that is more expensive than SCH 40. I've talked to the special order desk at both Lowes and Home Depot but they don't have a clue. It seems that I...

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