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  1. Danagawa

    Old Powermatic 66 on Radar

    That is a rough story and it sounds like something that would happen to me. Keep looking. Good saws come up a good bit
  2. Danagawa

    What kind of wood is this!

    I have turned some and it is pretty stuff. Looks like a great piece you have
  3. Danagawa

    What kind of wood is this!

    Looks like some Katalox that I have.
  4. Danagawa

    Pick a color

  5. Danagawa

    New Year giveaway

    Awesome that you are offering this up. Are there any cabinets left unclaimed (uppers or lowers)? If so I would love to get some
  6. Danagawa

    Old Powermatic 66 on Radar

    I have a 66 and love it but sounds like this one may be more trouble than it is worth. If you keep an eye out, you can usually get a decent one for $500 or a unisaw for similar money. I would wait and get something that is not in pieces with possible drop issues. There are pieces out there...
  7. Danagawa

    Another what wood is this? UPDATED

    Re: Another what wood is this? I looked online some and found a few that had rosewood keys. It would also make sense with the weight. They looked very much like the keys in question as well.
  8. Danagawa

    Benchtop jointer advice

    Does Lowes get Rikon? Rikon has that new bench top that looks pretty sweet
  9. Danagawa

    New Wood Manufacturer in NC

    Very interesting! I wonder if they will sale to individuals.
  10. Danagawa

    Machine Tune-Up/Maint. Workshop this Saturday

    Thanks Bill! Jesse and I will be riding together so you can send it to me.
  11. Danagawa

    Machine Tune-Up/Maint. Workshop this Saturday

    I would very much like to attend and Bring along Jesse, who is also a member here. Please let me know if there is room for the 2 of us.
  12. Danagawa

    Wood ID??

    I think ipe
  13. Danagawa

    What kind of mallet for cutting dovetails do you use?

    I use a rosewood mallet that looks like Ken's mallet. I went to west penn two weeks ago and there was a discount bin of lignum vitae near the checkout by the live edge slabs. There was several piece that were big enough to make a mallet out of
  14. Danagawa

    Monkey pod from West Penn

    Yes, they had a good bit and I see it there regularly.
  15. Danagawa

    Monkey pod from West Penn

    Went by West Penn today after the Klingspor show and snagged this monkey pod short slab. $8 a board foot and pretty stuff
  16. Danagawa

    [DEAD] - Delta Midi Lathe $360 NEW at Amazon

    I have had this lathe for about 4 years and love it. About a year ago I bought the stand and bed extension, love them too.
  17. Danagawa

    Sanding Belt Question

    I use a lot of sanding belts for knife making. I was told by another knife maker to not buy too many belts at one time because you can only count on the glue at the seams lasting one year.
  18. Danagawa

    Which dovetail jig

    Looking at getting a dovetail jig. Anybody got any experience they can share about them. Anybody got one that they like or hate? Which one would u get and why?
  19. Danagawa

    Free Product Samples of a Wood and Clearcoat polishing compound

    Anybody coming to the Winston Salem area from Charlotte any time soon?
  20. Danagawa

    little pieces of tumbled wood

    For cheap exotic wood that u could cut up for this I would go to West Penn near Hickory. They have cutoffs and discount bins that they sell cheap by the pound. I would like to see what u do with these.

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