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  1. Danagawa

    Monkey pod from West Penn

    Went by West Penn today after the Klingspor show and snagged this monkey pod short slab. $8 a board foot and pretty stuff
  2. Danagawa

    Which dovetail jig

    Looking at getting a dovetail jig. Anybody got any experience they can share about them. Anybody got one that they like or hate? Which one would u get and why?
  3. Danagawa

    Planer questions

    I want to buy a planer but would like some advice on which to buy. I realize is this is a broad question. I want to make cutting boards, tables and some other furniture. Woods that I plan to use are sapele, cherry, oak, and walnut. Is the dewalt 735 going to do what I need? Does anyone have...
  4. Danagawa

    Looking for wood for rolling pins

    I am looking for some hard maple or other food safe woods that I can make some rolling pins. My family has asked me to make a few and they like one that my mother has. It is 18in long and almost 3in thick. Anyone know where I can get some blanks like this in the Winston Salem area or nearby...
  5. Danagawa

    West Penn hardwoods

    After reading about West Penn Hardwoods in a thread that JJsWoodshop wrote I decided to go visit and was blown away by the selection. They have a whole warehouse of turning blanks and another warehouse of lumber and slabs. The turning blanks was the best selection that I have ever ran across...
  6. Danagawa

    Klingspor sale jet clamps

    Went to klingspor in Winston Salem this evening to check out the sale. Just wanted to pass along to anyone looking for a deal on clamps that they had Jet clamps on sale big time. I got 2 of the 60 inch clamps that are usually $80 a piece for $40 a piece, and I got two 24inch clamps that are...
  7. Danagawa

    PE request from RTP area to winston area

    I won a clear vue 06 from the picnic raffle and was looking for a little help getting it home. KenofCary currently has it. I live in the winston area. The box is maybe 18" x 18" x 24". It is very light weight. It'll fit easily in anybody's back seat or trunk. If anybody is coming this way and...
  8. Danagawa

    Powermatic 66 questions

    I just bought my first tablesaw, a 1989 powermatic 66. It is a 3hp 1 phase motor and it runs well. There is a few spots of rust on the top and body. I haven't taken the top off yet but the only thing on the inside that I can see that looks rusty is the pulley that holds the 3 belts. I will...
  9. Danagawa

    Lie Nielson visit

    J Clanton and I visited Lie-Nielson factory store in Maine yesterday and it was pretty awesome. You could play with whatever toys you wanted and try things out. The guys working there were awesome and answered lots of my questions. They even did a sharpening demo for us. They also take 10%...
  10. Danagawa

    Hello from lewisville

    Found out about this forum at the local Kingspor store and have really enjoyed looking around and learning. I have been doing wood turning for a few years now and have started to branch out to furniture making. The level of craftsmanship on here has really impressed me and makes me want to...

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