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    Woodturning Tools

    I recently bought a Grizzly G1076 14" lathe. It came with a set of Marples tools. Can anyone tell me if this is a good beginners set of tools? There are 8 tools in the set - 3 gouges, 2 skews, 1 scraper, 2 parting tools. Any suggestions on a good book or DVD to buy to study on technique...
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    Rockwell 46-111 lathe

    I am looking at purchasing a used Rockwell 46-111 lathe. I want to learn how to turn and want something inexpensive. The seller is asking $200. Is this a fair price? The unit has everything except a stand. I figure to buy a stand from Harbor Freight for $30 and make a bed out of plywood to...
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    New member says hello to y'all

    Good Evening. My name is Rich and I live in Arlington, TN (Memphis). I am impressed with this site and look forward to meeting new woodworkers. My interest lies with making bowls on the scroll saw. I have been doing this for only one year so I am a newbie. I have a used RBI Hawk. I have...

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