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    What position should wood be stored in

    I picked up 32 linear feet of 1x4x8 and 48 linear feet of 1x6x8 both of eastern pine and are 3/4" thick. I won't be able to build my project for another 2 - 3 weeks and currently have the wood in my house. Should I store the wood flat stacked up, on its ends, or standing up. The wood will be...
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    To replace Drill press motor or not

    I recently was using my drill press when the motor started to make a scraping sound. I continue with my drilling with no issues other than the annoying sound. I contacted the manufacturer about the issue and directed them to a video I posted of the noise. Within five business days of...
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    Measuring for even spaces:

    Measuring for even spaces: Want to check how I am calculating spacing dividers evenly along a certain length of wood Is correct. This example the outside length of the box is 10 inches in length using stock thickness of 23/32. The divider material will have a thickness of ⅛ inch hardboard...
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    Drum Sander similar to planer question.

    I started doing some research on open-end drum sanders and wondering if drum sanders are similar to a planer. Meaning a planer reduces thickness but does not flatten. Are drum sanders similar to planers or do they actual flatten surfaces while reducing thickness. Kurt
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    55 gallon Drum Dolly -

    If anyone is using 55-gallon drum(s) for dust collection and want to move the drums around, I have a new in the box 55-gallon dolly that can support 1000lbs. asking $30.00 Kurt $30
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    Hinge Selection advise

    I have a cabinet that is using 1/2 plywood for the cabinet and the doors are 3/8 plywood. The doors are not inset. The cabinet portion is 3 inches deep. will be used for key storage and a lot of keys. The dimensions of the doors are 24" H x 10" W . Two doors. Suggestion on the type od...
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    Deviation of cut on table saw

    Refer to the 60 marks on the ruler. The two pictures attached depict a small deviation over 24 inches from a rip cut The picture with the word TOP was fed into the TS blade first and the second picture is of the end of the board. The ruler is being placed about 1/2 inch in from the ends of...
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    Safely working on high walls - Suggestion needed.

    Need some ideas on how to safely work on high walls. I am looking to add shiplap to this wall. The ceiling is 20feet high and the top of the center box if 9 feet down from the ceiling. I plan to start at the top and work my way down. Any suggestion on scaffolding or aids that can help me...
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    Charlotte woodworking Show. What to expect

    I have never been to the Charlotte woodworking show and would like some information on what to expect. Thanks Kurt
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    Millennium Products - WorkHorse Combo Squares

    I've been doing some research on combo squares and came across this manufacturer called Millennium Products. Has anyone used/purchased any product products from Millennium Am looking at their Workhorse 12" comb square set. Kurt
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    Suggestion for this type of bench top

    The top came from a cubical. It is 6' long 2' wide at the narrowest part and 4' wide at the widest. It is approximately 1"3/8 think and looks like pressboard. The other side is white. I was thinking of making a bench 6' x 2' and using the remainder for a rolling cabinet. Any idea what any...
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    Moving a table saw suggestions

    I am in the processes of review and researching table saws and am curious as to how one would move a table saw that was delivered and then dropped at the front of your driveway. I have about a 35-40 foot driveway that has an incline. I would assume the driver would drop it on the street then...

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