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  1. red

    New Member Cary, NC

    Welcome to the forum. Red
  2. red

    Wood species for outdoor bench

    White oak is a good outdoor wood too. And with its weight it won't blow over easily in the wind. I made some beautiful adirondack chairs with it in the past. Red
  3. red

    To replace Drill press motor or not

    I would replace it so I don't have to listen to the noise. Red
  4. red

    Beginning Young Woodworker in NC

    Welcome to the forum. Red
  5. red

    New Member from Kill Devil Hills

    Welcome to the forum. Red
  6. red

    End grain table: how to stabilize checks?

    I would fill the cracks with epoxy either clear or colored and do the butterflies. I think it would all tie together nicely. Red
  7. red

    Forrest II Blade

    I've had one forever and love it. Great blade. And their sharpening service is outstanding. Red
  8. red

    New member from Mooresville

    Welcome to the forum. Red
  9. red

    New Member from Raleigh

    Welcome to the forum. Red
  10. red

    New Member from New Bern & Happy New Year

    Welcome to the forum. Red
  11. red

    Christmas presents i made for my work squad mates

    Awesome gift and great job! Red
  12. red

    New part time woodworker from Charlotte

    Welcome to the forum. Red
  13. red

    Stealth gloat and question

    Just google it and you should get many results. I did that for an old radial arm saw I have. I found mine on Red
  14. red

    Branding a cutting/charcuterie board... top or bottom?

    I'm looking to see how people who brand their cutting or charcuterie boards, do you brand it on the top (face) or on the bottom (back) side? I've been branding the back side but I like the look and started thinking it should go on the top. What do you do? Thanks. Red
  15. red

    Degreaser on new bandsaw table?

    WD-40 will be your best friend!! Red
  16. red

    The Woodworking Source page

    Same here. I will stop in soon to see what you have for lumber. Thanks. Red
  17. red

    220v extension cords

    I've used shop made 220 volt extension cords for my shop when I had just moved into it. They worked flawlessly and I still use them on occasion. You will be fine using a cord heavy enough to carry the load needed. Red
  18. red

    Miter gauge - Recommendations

    I have the Osborne EB-3 and would highly recommend it. I've had it for years and it's the best. Red
  19. red

    The Woodworking Source reopening on Saturdays

    Welcome. I look forward to stopping in soon. Red

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