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  1. Graywolf

    An amateur builds a kitchen...

    Good progress!
  2. Graywolf

    A case for my saws

  3. Graywolf

    New Member Cary, NC

    Welcome to the wood pile
  4. Graywolf

    Knocked one off the "honey-do" list...

  5. Graywolf

    A case for my saws

    fun little project!
  6. Graywolf

    Walnut and White Oak box

    Besides making the world a better place one kitchen at a time, I make a few other things. an all hand tool piece French polish as a finish.
  7. Graywolf

    Trashcans on Etsy

    Funny how we forget the simple facts of what materials, and labor cost in a world of I’ve gotta have it now and have it at the cheapest price. Even myself, I have been guilty of wanting cheaper. I have also been victimized by this consumer driven economy. To combat this I have systematically...
  8. Graywolf

    Do you use spring joints for large panel glue ups?

    Yes, I use the spring joint for small panel glue ups as well. Advantages are less clamps makes for faster clamp up, and I can glue up more panels at a time. It can help prevent the ends from separating down the road. And yes, the panels are planed to the same thickness before the glue up and the...
  9. Graywolf

    Greensboro Lunch This Tuesday

    I will try, depending on how my job goes.
  10. Graywolf

    Charity Vase

    Really nice!
  11. Graywolf

    Chair for a toddler

    Great project!
  12. Graywolf

    Danish Cord Bench

    Well done!
  13. Graywolf

    Shop Stool Project Update Pics

    Fun stuff! I like it.
  14. Graywolf

    Re-purposing a previous project

    Thanks for sharing Rich. I look forward to seeing what you come up with in the futur.
  15. Graywolf

    Shellac development

    A little something I have switched to doing over the past couple of years, I like it.
  16. Graywolf

    Largest turning for me, so far.

    Nice project. I like the shed.
  17. Graywolf

    Tick Stick

    I don’t know a lot of things, but i do know that the system works as is with a high level of accuracy. The template I made and posted earlier in this thread using this system was a dead match to the wall I templated. What I remembered of this particular video demonstration she did not use a lot...
  18. Graywolf

    Shellac development

    Roy I had quart can of shellac do that to me a couple years ago. The can was defective or the alcohol was more than the can could take. Mine was a temperature controlled space. Reckon that how it goes sometimes.
  19. Graywolf

    Tick Stick

    Or you could just sharpen the end of the stick and go with that.

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