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  1. gator

    Trashcans on Etsy

    Several years ago I built a bathroom vanity for a neighbor. He also wanted a matching dirty clothes hamper. The one I made was on the same principle as these thrash bins with a lift out net bag hung on internal hooks. Customer was very happy.
  2. gator

    Branding a cutting/charcuterie board... top or bottom?

    Depending on the thickness of the board and the size of your brand, the side may be a neat place. George
  3. gator

    Board Length

    agree with Henry W for best fit. Tkae 5 of your coffee mugs and lay them out with spacing like that shown. Measure the length - adding just a bit on the ends. Estimate that way, AND ensure that this piece fits where it is intended to hang. George
  4. gator


    I hear you Mike. I'm in the middle of fighting Medicare for oxygen for my COPD. They have so many i's to dot and t's to cross I probably won't need it when it gets approved. George
  5. gator

    How do I find first unread post?

    Or click on the Whats New button at the top George
  6. gator

    Truly new and improved

    Will the new site stay at .com or is the .com just for previewing and when the change implements will it be .net? George
  7. gator

    Looking for a floor drill press in the Triangle area

    Not selling, just offering my review on this drill press George
  8. gator

    Looking for a floor drill press in the Triangle area

    I have the fifteen year old version of this one. I have replaced the chuck with a keyless (just for convenience) and made a table with replaceable cutout for drill area. For medium use it has been great for me. YMMV...
  9. gator

    Should I get the contractor or professional sawstop

    I can't say for sure with SawStop but in general the cabinet saw has a smaller overall footprint than the contractor when you count the motor hanging off the back. You had said you were tight on space so the cabinet saw may be better from that view point. George
  10. gator

    Living With Arthritis in the Hands

    My wife has it in one of her wrists. Every six to nine months (when ever the pain returns) the Orthopod gives her a shot of cortisone (sp) in the wrist and it lasts until the next time. George
  11. gator

    what oil for hand plane maintenance?

    I have never used anything on the few planes I have (and I don't use them often either). My question is - would not the oil transfer to the wood as you use the plane or is the amount so minuscule that it doesn't matter?
  12. gator

    Labeling Gas Cans

    No real need to get snarky. The post is on 'home improvement' and we can all use hints and tricks to make our life better. Bruce is one of the best at offering useful hints and I thank him for them. George
  13. gator

    Project Glass

    Just a hint - get 'non-glare' glass for picture frames. Much better outcome without the potential glare messing up viewing the picture. George
  14. gator

    Q: Knife-Edge Blades

    Check Amazon for "rotary scissors". The are used in sewing and come i manual or electric. Amazon has many many to chose from. One of these should suit your need. George
  15. gator

    ISO Planer

    I have an old (15 or so years) DeWalt 733. It has real knives that can be, and have been, sharpened. I have had no problems and have no reason to ever change out for my use. George
  16. gator


    Happy Birthday to this great forum. I am proud to be the first member to join after Papa Smurf (Steve Coles) put it on the net. I hope that being a member of the first BoD we started this group on the path that has brought us to where we are today. George Summers
  17. gator

    Wheelwright's Magic

    Roy Underhill had a program on the Woodwrights Shop some 5-7 years ago (or longer) that he presented the entire process as done at Williamsburg. It detailed the entire process and was very interesting. George
  18. gator

    Drill Bit set

    Good find, as long as it is not like Abe Lincoln's antique axe. A man went to buy an antique axe claimed to be owned and used by Abe Lincoln. Upon questioning, the seller told him that the head had only been replaced twice and the handle had only been replaced 4 times but other than that it...
  19. gator

    Need a new Miter Gauge for TS

    Is this one still available? George
  20. gator

    Rigid planer

    Don't know about the Ridgid but I have had a 733 for over 15 years and it still runs like a champ. I like the idea of re-sharpenable blades. As with any machine, don't abuse it, keep it well maintained and clean and it will run forever. George

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