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  1. NOTW

    Dewalt 13" Planer - $220 (Henrico)

    Thats a really good price
  2. NOTW

    Storage for a Planner

    Bruce, maybe adding the location of the planner currently and where it will ultimately need to be would be helpful in seeing who could be the best fit
  3. NOTW

    Shop Build

    Wow that really came out awesome
  4. NOTW

    Help Needed

    So sorry for your loss
  5. NOTW

    Wall Tool Cabinet - Progress report

    What is the best method for getting drool off of my keyboard? Beautiful cabinet and wonderful collection of tools.
  6. NOTW

    orbital sander with shop vac connectivity

    I use a dewalt ROS sander with my shop vac, the hose is a little bit smaller than then opening on the sander but there is typically enough suction to hold the two together. If I am sanding a larger area where the hose is moving more I put a little bit of painters tape around the hose and sander...
  7. NOTW

    What happens when we are gone?

    My biggest fear is when I go that my wife sells my tools and guns for what I told her I paid for them :p
  8. NOTW

    Measuring for even spaces:

    This is why when math gets complicated I switch to the metric system
  9. NOTW


    Wishing you a speedy recovery
  10. NOTW

    Another Flip Top Cart

    I bought the plans from Fix This Build That
  11. NOTW

    Another Flip Top Cart

    I was actually surprised how easy it spins because the dewalt planer weighs 92lbs and the rigid sander only weighs 40lbs.
  12. NOTW

    Another Flip Top Cart

    My amazing wife surprised me for Christmas with a new DeWalt planer. Upon unboxing I realized it was too big for my old flip top cart so a new one had to be made. This project started out as a basic plywood cart based on the plans from FixThisBuildThat but then scope creep happened and it...
  13. NOTW

    Help Needed

    Prayers for you and your family Dirk.
  14. NOTW

    Lovingly Remembered

    Phil I am so sorry for your loss, you and your family will be in my prayers.
  15. NOTW

    Hand Tool Wall Cabinet - work in progress

    My dad always said “anything worth engineering is worth over engineering”
  16. NOTW

    Hand Tool Wall Cabinet - work in progress

    I'm curious about your corner brackets, were those just for ease of construction?
  17. NOTW

    1/8” blade on Grizzly G0555

    So I hate when people get things figured out and never respond back to the class. ***Disclaimer, I have not tried this yet*** I emailed Grizzly about the blade tracking and here is their response back and my follow up questions along with their responses. Dear Jason, Thank you for your...
  18. NOTW

    1/8” blade on Grizzly G0555

    Okay it's official I have given up on trying to get a 1/8" blade to track on my bandsaw. Took the 1/8" blade off and had the 3/8" blade back on and tracking within 5 minutes
  19. NOTW

    This could be my next project

    i saw that last night online, hilarious
  20. NOTW

    1/8” blade on Grizzly G0555

    So make the wheels coplaner without the blade on, install the blade and then adjust the tracking? It's the tracking step that i can't get past

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