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  1. Raymond

    An amateur builds a kitchen...

  2. Raymond

    New Member Cary, NC

    Welcome aboard, Herb. You have come tot he right web site.
  3. Raymond

    Outreach Event-Asheville

    We did take the trailer the first year and one other time - we realized that we could only set up one lathe with the room that was available and decided that it was easiest to just make our presence known than to set up and demo.
  4. Raymond

    Physics, Sculpture and WW'ing

    Found these two on YT today and thought everyone would enjoy these two videos. Enjoy!
  5. Raymond

    Outreach Event-Asheville

    Count me in for this year, Neal.
  6. Raymond

    Gluing in an unheated shop

    +1 I take my glue ups in the house and put them in the bonus room (out of the wife's way) - keeps her happy that she doesn't have to work around them.
  7. Raymond

    Need some simple toy ideas for kids

    Allow me to suggest three books you may want to look before you decide to buy them. Making Toys that Teach by Les Neufeld - ISNB# 1-56158-606-4 (2003) Making Heirloom Toys by Jim Makowicki - ISBN-10: 1-56158-112-7 (1996) Wooden Toy Manual by Richard Blizzard - ISBN# 978-0-85733-220-2 (2012)
  8. Raymond

    Sears in the box

    You know, of course, that you suck! Nice score - color me green!
  9. Raymond

    Charity Vase

    Very good, Willem! Not too sure on how to price it but if it's for a charity or a charity auction - either talk to the organizers or put a value on your time and materials and tell the charity that is what you value it at.
  10. Raymond

    Plastic connectors for electrical

    Under Preferences you need to make sure all of the boxes that pertain to email settings are checked.
  11. Raymond

    Plastic connectors for electrical

    Richo check your settings, I get a notification everyday on each thread I respond to. It may be that you have to tweak your settings on this new package.
  12. Raymond

    Tick Stick

    I remember my uncle(s) using those when they were building things. Thanks, Gary. I had forgotten all about them.
  13. Raymond

    Plastic connectors for electrical

    Good information, Joe. If I understand correctly; wired detectors can be replaced with wired detectors or wired with battery backup. Can the wired detectors be replaced with wireless detectors?
  14. Raymond

    Plastic connectors for electrical

    If you are confident that the connectors will not touch each other (short across) than leave them be; otherwise, if it were me, I would cap each wire just to on the safe side.
  15. Raymond

    Beginning Young Woodworker in NC

    Welcome aboard, James. You have come to the right web site. I lived in Hope Mills, when I was stationed at Ft Bragg. It was a quiet little place back then.
  16. Raymond

    New Member from Kill Devil Hills

    Welcome aboard, Tim. You have come to the right web site!
  17. Raymond

    What happens when we are gone?

    Some museums that specialize in period furniture are always looking for antique pieces of furniture. You can always do a little research into them to see if they are interested in what you have. As for most antiques, unless you know for sure that someone in your immediate family is interested...
  18. Raymond

    Fast wine rack

    Great design, I have seen that somewhere recently! I think those will work great, until the first earth quake!
  19. Raymond

    urn emblems

    OK, Jack. I will ship this afternoon via USPS Priority. We need to work on the Urn Inventory and get an update on what we have and where it is located. I will start a thread on that subject later on.
  20. Raymond

    urn emblems

    Hey, Jack. I have 2 of each Service medallions; except for USCG, I only have one. Let me know if you want me to mail these to you.

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