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  4. FlyingRon

    New Scam Member

    And the hole he used is plugged.
  5. FlyingRon

    Am I too new to PM?

    Yeah, we took away PM privileges from "new users" after the last spam attach, but we were probably too agresssive there. We're having a board meeting next weekend and we'll probably revise the privilege status.
  6. FlyingRon

    Forum Access

    It actually is documented in the administrator's guide in the dropbox. All I had to do is refresh my memory from that document. Hopefully in a week or so, it will be done in a cron job so nobody had to manually update it anymore.
  7. FlyingRon

    Forum Access

    The certificates are updated. I think I've got the bugs out of the autoupdate (which by the way has nothing to do with godaddy).
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  9. FlyingRon

    Still a "New Member" After 5 years and 11 posts?

    We are sorry, but a spammer managed to bypass the protections we had in place. We've banned the user (and his IP address and a few other accounts he created) and added some additional protections to stop such form happening again.
  10. FlyingRon


    I suspect the problem is people see it in the message that they have a new conversation in their inbox before they realize it came from NCWW. I don't know where the threshold is, but once AWS shuts down our email (this happened due to the large number of bounces when we sent out the "forums...
  11. FlyingRon


    Yes, another one slipped through. PLEASE PEOPLE, just ignore these PMs (and the related forum notification). DO NOT REPORT EMAILS FROM NCWOODWORKER as spam to your ISP or others. When you do this you jeopardize us by having AMAZON shut us down.
  12. FlyingRon


    It's quite possible. This one seemed rather targetted at woodworking sites. In the past the things I've fended off have been more "generic" spam.
  13. FlyingRon


    Some of you may have noticed postings and even Private Messages from a user named ncwoodworkerr. This was a spammer who managed to get around our basic tests. I'll be remedying that. All of his posts have been removed. Understand that despite his choice of user name, he had nothing to...
  14. FlyingRon

    Still a "New Member" After 5 years and 11 posts?

    You're at the USER category now. What happened was we replaced the "visit frequency" thing from the old forum with a mere requirement that you have to have been on the board in the past 30 days. If you don't come on for a month, you'll be dropped down. No need to worry though, you get...
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  16. FlyingRon

    Seeking HVLP gun advice

    I got an ingersol-rand HVLP gun for my compressor and use it for spraying varnishes. Works reasonably well. A little penetrol or flotrol (depending on what you're spraying) goes a long way.
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  18. FlyingRon

    Should I get the contractor or professional sawstop

    Amusingly two of my neighbors came by and put mine together. Sometimes you can't fight people trying to be helpful.
  19. FlyingRon

    Should I get the contractor or professional sawstop

    I have a very small shop (10x19). The SS and the outfeed and extended table are a major part of it. There is a small Ridgid sander sitting on the extended table most of the time (it gets thrown under the table when I actually need the things). However, since I got a track saw (a...
  20. FlyingRon

    Adding an outlet in a concrete floor.

    This is a great idea if you have the ceiling height to do it. Concrete is tough on the feet. My last shop had ceilings so low, I couldn't even consider it. My current shop has 17' ceilings

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