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  1. Jeremy Scuteri

    Phenolic Resin from Bruce

    I decided to make up some zero clearance inserts (ZCI) for my Grizzly table saw. I am using some phenolic resin that I got from @sawman101 (Bruce). I cut strips to width on the table saw, cut curves over sized on the bandsaw and used a flush trim bit on the router. Drilled a finger hole and...
  2. Jeremy Scuteri

    Made a Lacewood Shelf with my Daughter

    I asked my daughter if she wanted to make a shelf for her room together. I got out the dry erase board and suggested something like this: Right away, she rejected that design and sketched her own with 3 shelves and hooks at the bottom. Ok, well at least she knows what she wants! :) A few...
  3. Jeremy Scuteri

    Tool Wall

    I'm starting to take advantage of the empty wall space in the shop. I turned my workbench around so that the wall would be accessible by simply turning around. The large tool wall surface is drywall with a piece of OSB attached and painted white. The OSB was leftover from the shop floor...
  4. Jeremy Scuteri

    Table Saw Central

    I have had table saw outfeed support on my "To Do" list for quite some time. Naturally another table saw is the obvious choice for outfeed support. I went with a Grizzly table saw and I finally have everything in place. Here is the saw when it first arrived. I bribed some neighbor kids to...
  5. Jeremy Scuteri

    Grizzly G1023 Mods - Drilling Holes in Metal - Outfeed Support

    After some encouragement at the shop crawl, I mustered up the courage to drill some holes in cast iron. It wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. I started with a small hole (1/8") and then went to 1/4" then 3/8". The first hole was by far the hardest and most time consuming to drill. After...
  6. Jeremy Scuteri

    How to create a "Sub Album/Folder" in the Media Section

    I am trying to create an album for the pictures from the Shop Crawl. I found the location of the previous shop crawls (see picture below), but I can't figure out how to create a new folder/album. Any suggestions?
  7. Jeremy Scuteri

    Drill Press Cabinet

    I finally finished my Drill Press Cabinet. It was mostly based on the Woodsmith Shop design shown below: First the base was built using poplar and plywood. Next was a platform to go over the mobile base. Both pieces are on wheels. One of the modifications is a...
  8. Jeremy Scuteri

    Limit of 5 people in a "Conversation"?

    There seems to be a 5 person limit for PMs/Conversations. Is there a way to change that? I can't talk to all the Shop Crawl hosts in a single PM which has obvious ramifications. Also, how do you add more names to an existing PM/Conversation?
  9. Jeremy Scuteri

    NCWW Calendar

    How do I add an entry to the NCWW Calendar? This is what I see:
  10. Jeremy Scuteri

    Are you in the Triad area?

    Are you in the Triad Area? If you are, you should consider being one of the shops on the upcoming Shop Crawl. All responses should be posted in the linked thread above. I want to keep as much as...
  11. Jeremy Scuteri

    Triad SHOP CRAWL - August 17th 2019

    Some of the newer members may not be aware of this, but one of the really awesome things that we do at NCWW is the Shop Crawl. The idea is we find a handful of people willing to show NCWW members their shop, maybe 4-8 shops that are in reasonable proximity to each other would be typical. Lunch...
  12. Jeremy Scuteri

    Worksharp bevel not square - Only idiots read manuals

    Today at the Greensboro lunch I brought up how my Worksharp does not create a square bevel when using the built in "sharpening port" underneath the spinning disc. We talked about it some and a comment that "somebody has probably figured out a solution for that" was mentioned. I figured I might...
  13. Jeremy Scuteri

    2019 Raffle Results and Data

    We had the picnic and raffle drawing today. We met our goal of $10,000 with $10,315 in total sales. Thank you to everyone who bought tickets. Here are some fun facts about the raffle: - Two different people purchased over 100 tickets each. Thank you for your support! - Thirteen people...
  14. Jeremy Scuteri

    1 More Hour to Buy Online Tickets
  15. Jeremy Scuteri

    Online Raffle Ticket Sales End Tonight!

    Buy your tickets online while you still can. Online sales end tonight at approximately midnight.
  16. Jeremy Scuteri

    Online Raffle Ticket Sales End TOMORROW

    Online raffle ticket sales end tomorrow. Tickets can still be purchased in person at the picnic. This is where we currently stand with ticket sales: Same plot with the past 3 years overlaid as well. Tickets:
  17. Jeremy Scuteri

    More Door Prizes for the Picnic on May 18th

    The picnic is on Saturday May 18th. That is only 3 days from now. The only way to get a door prize is to be present at the picnic. Every attendee will receive one door prize ticket. Hold on to these as they will give you a chance to win a great door prize. The 1st batch of door prizes was...
  18. Jeremy Scuteri

    Raffle Drawing in 4 Days

    The raffle drawing is in 4 days. We have over $10,000 in prizes waiting for good homes. $5 gives you a good shot at winning a great prize and is guaranteed support for NCWW. Ticket sales so far: Compete Prize List...
  19. Jeremy Scuteri

    5 Days Until the Raffle Drawing

    Only 5 more days. Get your tickets while you still can. Tickets:
  20. Jeremy Scuteri

    Picnic Door Prizes

    Here are a few of the door prizes that we will have this Saturday at the picnic. You MUST be present to win a door prize. Everyone at the picnic gets a door prize ticket. Cable Clamps & Mega Clamps (3 bundles) Carbide Turning Tools from NC Woodturning Tools (1 bundle) 1 Rougher 1-16mm...

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