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  1. FlyingRon


    Some of you may have noticed postings and even Private Messages from a user named ncwoodworkerr. This was a spammer who managed to get around our basic tests. I'll be remedying that. All of his posts have been removed. Understand that despite his choice of user name, he had nothing to...
  2. FlyingRon

    Rules for the "For Sale / Wanted" forum.

    This forum section is for members to post personal woodworking-related items for sale (or offer to purchase). In order to post here, you must have User or higher status (i.e., not New User). If you don't see the "Post Thread" button, that is why. If you are unclear why you are still in New...
  3. FlyingRon

    Rules for posting here.

    This section is for posting information on items found for sale on other sites (by persons other than those posting).
  4. FlyingRon

    Did you know we have a YouTube channel?

    I know it isn't the easiest to find, but we have a dozen videos up on the NCWW YouTube channel. To make this and our facebook page easier to find, I've added a Social Media link to the main menu.
  5. FlyingRon

    Downloads Restored

    The "downloads" section of the old site has been loaded into the RESOURCES section of this site.
  6. FlyingRon


    If you log into the forum and can't post or do much of anything (other that view the forums), you likely have been detected to have an invalid email address on file. To get out of the state use the "Contact Us" button at the bottom right of the page to send us a note with your corrected email...
  7. FlyingRon

    NCWW Marketplace

    We've rearranged the forum structure to move all the for sale related under a new heading called NCWW Marketplace. In addition to the existing forums, we've added one new one called "Member-Created Works" for you to advertise your wooden creations. Information on the rules for each section is...
  8. FlyingRon

    Spring 2019 Raffle Open

    Buy early, buy often. This post is really a place holder for the list of prizes, coming soon.
  9. FlyingRon

    Site Status Update 3/10

    The following issues have been fixed/addressed: The user promotion scheme is now fixed. Some of you may have noticed your status has been changing back and forth over the past few days. It should be settled down now. If you go to your profile, there is a field called "Next Promotion...
  10. FlyingRon

    Where things are

    I have a few comments so let me explain a few "translation" issues for the new software. The PhotoPost gallery became Media. Private Messages are now called Conversations (but they are in the little envelope up next to your user name). The Articles are now Resources. Speaking of the articles...
  11. FlyingRon

    New Site Up

    If you're reading this, you've made it to the new site. There's still a lot of work to do here, but it is functional for most purposes. The old site is still around if there is some content that the import procedure missed that's must have. The "Articles" section will be moved over...
  12. FlyingRon

    Site upgrade

    I just finished the past precursor to upgrading the site out of the way. Starting early Thursday, the sites will be in transition for as long as it takes me to migrate the data from the old site to the new site. The process to move just the forums will take several hours. Moving the gallery...
  13. FlyingRon

    Site update status: Test site available

    Greetings, I'd like to thank Mike for stepping in and posting the status from the board meeting. I've been heads down trying to figure out this problem for the past two weeks. Let me explain what's going on. We need to update the site. The existing site is running a combination of...
  14. FlyingRon


  15. FlyingRon

    Observation Hive Project

    Well, it's not often I get to post something that I've actually built lately. I've been busy with the construction of the house so much I've not had time to do other than very utilitarian tasks in the workshop, but I built an observation hive from plans and this weekend got the bees into it...
  16. FlyingRon

    Security Certificate Updated

    Those who logged on on Friday may have gotten a warning from your browser as to the certificate being expired. Sorry about that, I thought I had one more day. Anyway, the new one is installed and there should not be any problem. (For the admins, I also got cpanel and whm fixed).
  17. FlyingRon

    Barbara Forman (b4man)

    Barbara was an active member of this forum and served on the board of directors and as treasurer. She was a friend to many of us. Barbara's Obituary: Barbara Ellison Forman, 63, passed away Saturday, June 6, 2015 at Beacon Place in Greensboro. Born September 8, 1951, a Greensboro...
  18. FlyingRon

    Tracy Pardue (TracyP)

    Tracy Pardue passed on August 22, 2016. He was an active participant in these forums shouldering much of the administrative burden as well as serving on the board of directors. He was a friend to many of us. His obituary follows: Tracy William Pardue, 55, of Salisbury, passed away on...
  19. FlyingRon

    SawStop fired

    I've had my SawStop for eight years now and the thing fired today. I was cutting a piece of PT plywood which seemed really dry (I had cut some soggy PT deckboards a while back and cut them in "hotdog" mode and got the warning blink on the saw but they were really wet). I didn't even think...
  20. FlyingRon

    Raffle restored after errors...

    A few days earlier this week our payment processor made a very trivial change on their site, which alas caused our firewall to reject the messages that indicated the success or the failure of the transactions. Those of you who bought tickets during that period got a blank white page in...

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