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  1. Chilihead

    WNC Pony express

    WNC Pony Express. -raffle prizes - I know this is short notice, but I’ll be stopping by Jeremy Scuteri’s place late morning/lunch time today to pick up my winnings. I live in Asheville I am happy to pick up anyone elses prize if you
  2. Chilihead

    Brian Boggs bandsaw webinar

    In case anyone is interested, Brian Boggs is having another bandsaw webinar this Saturday. Details below. Also he is looking for a few folks to be live in the audience, so if you’re nearby Asheville and would like to do that, give them a call. - I’m just sharing the info and am not directly...
  3. Chilihead

    Brian Boggs Bandsaw webinar

    I just saw this in Brian Boggs’ recent newsletter and thought some of you might be interested. He’s offering a bandsaw webinar on March 16. - His precision on this machine is astounding! Should be a good class.
  4. Chilihead

    epoxy table top finish

    I am making a bar top for a friend. They wanted it finished with an epoxy, basically to make it as bombproof as possible. So I have some table top epoxy from Clear Cote. I read it was a good idea to put on a thin layer first to seal the wood, and then go back with the thicker pour...
  5. Chilihead

    poplar slab for a bar top??

    Looking for some advice on whether a poplar slab is suitable to use as a bar top? I'll be making this for a friend. They've found a reasonable priced slab already. I have very little experience working with poplar. Is it too soft or will it hold up ok?
  6. Chilihead

    Anyone with a CNC router interested in helping me with a sign project - Asheville area

    Hey folks. I'm looking to get a yard sign (roughly 24"x15") routed with a logo to hang on a post. I have the logo already in multiple file types. My local sign company wants a mint to do this. Wondering if there are any makers here that might be interested in the job or have any advice for me...
  7. Chilihead

    Online tool auction in Asheville area

    I got an email about this online auction with some woodworking tools in it. Looks like it ends today at 6pm so move fast. - I have no connection to this stuff, just sharing with ya'll
  8. Chilihead

    Anyone have any experience with CPES - Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer from Smith & Co.?

    I'm building a maple countertop that will have a farmhouse sink in it. I'm wondering about sealing the wood with this stuff to prevent water damage down the road. Anyone have any experience here?
  9. Chilihead

    ambrosia maple counter top

    I'll soon be making an ambrosia maple counter top for a friend of mine. We've found some pretty wood. She does not want the natural blond color though, and instead is looking for a light medium brown ( a cooler brown that is more in the light walnut/greyish brown realm vs an orange/red base)...
  10. Chilihead

    finished quarter sawn red oak

    So I'm making a red oak slab top for a kitchen bar top for a friend. I've joined 2 through & through cut slabs. I filled the voids in the pith with black tinted epoxy. The edges of each have nice large medullary rays that I want to highlight. I wiped on some stains on sample boards, but they...
  11. Chilihead

    Cutting board bad is it?

    So I am making some cutting boards for wedding gifts. Last night when I was glueing them up I think I made a critical mistake. It seems I absentmindedly got 2 different glues out of the cabinet. One is a waterproof type III, and the other was basic wood glue. I don't know why I did this, just...
  12. Chilihead

    Brian Boggs is starting a podcast call in show

    I just got an email from Brian Boggs Chairmakers. Brian is starting call in style show to answer woodworking questions. See below Get Ready! This is the beginning of a new era...
  13. Chilihead

    Grizzly 8" Jointers

    Any opinions out there on the Grizzly GO656 vs the GO490 Also curious if you folsk think the spiral cutter heads are worth the price bump on a jointer since its usually not a tool used to produce a final finish on the wood. Thanks for any input...
  14. Chilihead

    New drill recomendation

    Hey folks. My old Ryobi cordless drill won't hold a charge anymore and I'm tired of buying batteries for it - they just don't seem to last. So my question is what do ya'll recommend. I'm just a hobbyist woodworker with occasional light around the house work. I don't need a monster drill. Is...
  15. Chilihead

    thin kerf blades and splitter

    so I have a nice thin kerf rip blade that is still very sharp. I recently got a Grizzly cabinet saw that has a standard kerf splitter in it. Do you think I could use that splitter with a thin keft blade? I can see how a thick blade and thin spliter would be problematic, but could the reverse...
  16. Chilihead

    off to the sawmill for the first time! Any advice?

    I've been building furniture for 15 years now. I've always bought my lumber already cut and dried at a lumber yard. Well a buddy of mine just took down 2 large red oak trees, and he called to ask if I wanted the trunks for lumber. One is 14 ft long and the other is 10 ft long, both about 22"...
  17. Chilihead

    Slab top sewing table fresh out of the shop!

    I just completed this walnut slab sewing table for my wife. The antique iron base came from my great aunt. I then had a local metal worker fabricate a matching leg to extend the table out. The crotch grain in the top is gorgeous. I was lucky to find such a beautiful slab. Thanks for taking a...
  18. Chilihead

    recommendations for a bench grinder

    Hey folks, I'm looking to get a bench grinder to hollow grind my chisels and plane irons. Any recommendations or advice would be appreciated. I don't have much experience with them. Does 6" or 8" make a difference for basic woodworking sharpening. I'm not looking for a sharp edge off the...
  19. Chilihead

    Slanted door rail- function or fashion?

    So I was at an old house today built around 1910 in Asheville. I noticed this slanted rail on the front door. Curious if anyone knows if this has any structural purpose or just serves to narrow the stile as ot goes up the door?
  20. Chilihead

    How do you assess air dried lumber before you buy?

    I've got a lead on some air dried ambrosia maple that seems to be a good deal. The owner tells me he's air dried it for 2-3 years. I've never bought wood this way, but he's willing to let it go for a good price so its tempting. Anything I should watch out for? Any tips for assessing would be...

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