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    Another Flip Top Cart

    My amazing wife surprised me for Christmas with a new DeWalt planer. Upon unboxing I realized it was too big for my old flip top cart so a new one had to be made. This project started out as a basic plywood cart based on the plans from FixThisBuildThat but then scope creep happened and it...
  2. NOTW

    1/8” blade on Grizzly G0555

    I have a Grizzly G0555 with 6” riser that I am trying to install a 1/8” blade on. I can not get the blade to track right and stay on the wheels. I’ve checked that both wheels are coplaner but still the blade comes off the crown of the wheels. Has anyone put an 1/8” blade on a G0555 with 6”...
  3. NOTW

    Amazon Smile

    It doesn't net out to a landslide of money but it is awesome to get the statement showing that using does put money in the club pocket!
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    New workbench design

    Sometime in the near future, perhaps over the winter I would like to build a new workbench. I would consider myself a hybrid woodworker leaning more towards power tools but really enjoy learning and practicing with hand tools. I have a bunch of heart pine I would like to use to create at least...
  5. NOTW

    American Flag project completed

    American flag, fly is made out of mahogany and poplar wood and the union is made from purple heart. The stars are once fired 9mm brass that my father had shot years ago. Oil based polyurethane finish. Fun project but if I ever make another one I need to figure out a better way to cut down...
  6. NOTW

    Live Edge Slabs - Where to find

    Looking for a live edge slab, nothing very fancy or expensive just want to build a desk for my personal use but i've seen lots of slab furniture and wanted to give it a try. Anyone know a good source for kiln dry slabs, ~2" thick 4+ feet long and 20" wide. species of wood doesn't matter as...
  7. NOTW

    3D Scanner

    Wanted to reach out and see if anyone owns or has any experience with handheld 3D scanners. Work is looking to add one to our arsenal and I don't have any experience or knowledge about them. Seems there are a bunch of them on the market for scanning small objects (less than a meter square) but...
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    Chisel / Screwdriver racks

    I had bought a set of Narex chisels and added a few more to that collection so I decided it was time to build a rack to hold them. Used plans from Woodsmith magazine as the basis and then changed the dimensions to my chisels. Like how the chisel rack came out enough I decided to build another...
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    Dust Collection Cart

    Looking to make my dust collector mobile this time and since it is a bit Frankenstein's monster I have to build a cart to do so. My only requirements are that I have a homemade Thein collector now but want to upgrade to a super dust deputy at some point and I want it to be under 87" tall so it...
  10. NOTW

    Garage electrical question

    I recently moved and the new house has a less than impressive electrical panel. It has a 125A 12 space (24 circuit) electrical panel in the garage which is already maxed out with house electrical loads. The house is slab on grade and the meter panel is on the other side of the house. My...
  11. NOTW

    For Sale Workbench Not mine, yadda yadda blah blah
  12. NOTW

    Dust Collector

    So I am thinking of getting a new dust collector. Currently I have a second hand HF motor and impeller mounted to the wall with a thein top hat on a trash can with a 5 micron bag attached to the output. It has done great for the time that I have had it but think I would like something that is...
  13. NOTW

    Green wood treatment

    I have a small maple cookie, maybe 20” diameter that I would like to do something with one day as it is from a tree in my parents yard. It was cut down yesterday and I would like to know what to do with it to keep it from cracking or rotting. It’s about 1.5-2” thick. Thank you
  14. NOTW

    Where to find saw nuts

    Is there anywhere local that sells brass saw nuts? I want to make a dovetail handle for my gents saw but most places that have the nuts the shipping is just as much as the nuts. I've looked at Klingspor but may have looked over them. Thanks
  15. NOTW

    Festool tools for sale

    Not mine just saw it on and noticed he is based out of NC
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    RDU CL -Woodworking Tools for Sale

    Not mine, just seemed like good prices
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    Christmas Ornaments

    My first two multi wood turned ornaments. After a couple of failed attempts I think these turned out pretty good. First one is Walnut and Cherry and the second is Eastern Red Cedar and Brazilian Cherry
  18. NOTW

    Heater Plumbing

    I have a small shop (single car garage) and for the past couple of years have heated it with a 8,000 btu Mr. Heater Buddy series heater attached to a 20lb propane cylinder. Obviously this heater is way under sized for the space and does not keep the area very warm in the middle of the winter...
  19. NOTW

    Finished Project - Lazy Susans

    A couple of lazy Susans I recently made at the wife’s request. The lazy Susans feature a half size checker board in the middle with Pecan and Mahogany and then Mahogany around the outside. Finished with Waterlox. I was having so much fun I decided to make matching coasters out of the same wood...
  20. NOTW

    Looking for Baltic Birch

    I typically use big box store plywood for making things in the shop but I want to make a crosscut sled so I am looking for a piece of baltic birch plywood around 24" x 36" x 3/4" thick. I would rather not spend $71 for a full sheet of baltic birch from Capital City Lumber. Does anyone know of...

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