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    Is there such a thing as an extra-extra thin wall socket?

    You could also get a 29/32" plumbing/shower socket and cut the edges a bit to turn it into a 6 sided spanner wrench that can expand slightly to grab the 15/16" nut.
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    Loss of a Son

    Very sad to lose a loved one and in this case 2 loses within 14 months. Both way too young. My condolences.
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    Help - Gravel driveway and weed control

    As another mentioned there is a Round-up product now that is residual. They claim it lasts something like 8 months. I used some (bought the concentrate) last summer on my very weedy driveway and it worked pretty well, took the weeds about a week to die and prevention did last for 3-4 months.
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    It was a lucky day at the estate sale !

    Yes, very sweet!
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    Bandsaw Problems

    Glad it's going for you again. Is this saw after Delta started importing them from China? Used 14" Delta band saws from the 50's and 60's pop up fairly often.
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    New SawStop - advice needed on fence and outfeed table

    I really like your outfeed table idea as well. Nice job!
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    Major Bandsaw Upgrade

    Really nice job both on the upgrade and in the telling. Enjoy!
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    Love my Grizzly G0490x ...BUT...

    Dude, you tried a fix at their suggestion & it didn't work. For your time, efforts and inconvience to fix a defective (& not inexpensive) new machine go ahead and ask for the Byrd cutterhead at no cost to you - you deserve it!
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    6 or 8" jointer

    Sounds like a 6" will meet your needs, though an 8" would be nicer to have. Used 6" jointers are pretty common with 8" ones coming up occasionally for a nice price. Depends on your budget. Don't know your specifics, but you should have 220V available at the barn breaker box & it should not be...
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    Thinking about buying a jointer, new or used?

    Do yourself a favor and stay away from the benchtop and get a floor model. +1 to looking for a used 8" jointer as well if you can find one for a decent price, otherwise there are quite a few 6" jointers out there. Price can also depend on your level of tolerance for what needs...
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    Drill Won't Reverse

    +1 on first trying cleaning with compressed air, WD40 and compressed air followup. Work the switch without battery. Let the WD40 evaporate before trying the drill with power - WD40 & a spark do not go well together.
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    A Video Explanation, and Demonstration, of Kick-Back

    Yikes, looks like he came very close to slicing his fingers & then did it again.
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    First stationary tool now that I have a garage

    Congrats, I have heard very good things about Laguna. I'm guessing the driftmaster must be a lot beefier than the stock fence thus the larger screws? Glad you are happy with it after your tribulations and it is performing to and beyond expectations. Enjoy
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    At 110V on a 15A circuit you will be limited to 1HP motor max. At 110V on a 20A circuit you could go up as high as 1.5 HP as these typically draw 17-18A at 110-120V. Band saws are typically rated by blade the throat/frame capacity. A 14" band saw has ~14" distance between the blade and frame...
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    Drill Press, How much to get and how much to spend?

    Good find! It should serve you well & you can always keep your eye out for when a nice used 20"er comes along for a good price should your yen for a larger one persist.
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    Quarter sawn white oak

    Since you want the be rid of it sooner than later, I would be put an add on Craigslist before you mill it listing it as green wood with dimensions and that you are willing to mill to specification (provided your mill has the capability) - you might get someone looking for beams or thicker...
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    Drill Press, How much to get and how much to spend?

    The OWWM ( welcomes newbie & the members there also have a wealth of information as long as the machine is older (I think the rule is at least 25 years or no longer made) and American or European made. Discussion of Asian made machines is not allowed, but not a problem in the case of...
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    No More Magazines For Me

    Looks like FWW only offers the digital copy free with a print copy subscription. I prefer the digital pdf format on a good sized screen (my eyes are not what they used to be) as this retains picture dimensions better than Kindle & Ipad formats.
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    Antique Craftsman King-Seeley Drill Press

    By all means restore it and enjoy the smile you get every time you go to use it. It's an oldie & goodie - they do not make them like they used to. Good luck in the restore - great infor source at OWWM - Bill
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    No More Magazines For Me

    Since I found (Ebook and Texts Archive > Additional Collections > The Magazine Rack) my desire to subsribe has dropped. Among the many entries they have issue #1-221 of Fine Woodworking Magazine spanning from 1975 to 10/2011 available online, or in pdf...

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