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  1. dino drosas

    Set your VCR's New series, "ROUGH CUT" TODAY

    The beginning of the new woodworking series "Rough Cut" begins today featuring Tom McLaughlin. It is being aired on ETV (Cannel 16 0r 17 on Spectrum Cable and Channel 33 on Directv) at 5:00 pm. This should be a must see for any wood worker of all skill levels.
  2. dino drosas

    The INCA has landed

    The Inca band has was finally delivered and I could not be more pleased with the purchase. Much heavier duty than I had imagined and in great shape. After a through cleaning, a new blade and careful set up and fine tuning; performance is every bit as good as I had thought it would be. I have a...
  3. dino drosas

    20" disc sander

    I have been looking for a deal on one of these for quite a while and found a great buy on Ebay on this sander. I had one of these before and sold it - big mistake. I replaced it with an oscillating edge sander and found I never used nor needed it so I am selling it. This is a real go to tool in...
  4. dino drosas

    New Inca band saw

    I just recently located and purchase an Inca 20" band saw. Been lusting for one of these for some time now. Should have it within a week and then I am done buying equipment - at least thats what I'm telling myself. The Inca is a three wheel saw with a deep throat that will be used for curved...
  5. dino drosas

    Entire shop for sale

    This listed on crags list in Murrells Inlet just 15 miles south of Myrtle Beach. It is neither mine nor do I have interest in it!
  6. dino drosas

    Most Amazing desk

    This has to be one of the best examples of craftsmanship in the world: And to think the guy who made this over two hundred years ago did it with hand tools alone. Bang it here @ Amazing Antique Desk.
  7. dino drosas

    FW Garden Chair Build

    Got lucky with the band saw and a 15.00 capacitor fixed it. Choose to use cedar for this first attempt considering the material cost and the weight of the finished chair. The re-saw went reasonably well and got the first glue up in the clamps today. I usually work alone but a couple of extra...
  8. dino drosas

    laser engraving

    Is there anyone of you who do laser engraving and willing to engrave the top of a presentation for a fee. I plan to give the box as a graduation gift and would like the have the invitation lettering engraved on the top surface. my thoughts are to engrave it deep enough so that I can finish sand...
  9. dino drosas

    Garden chair

    I got interested in this chair designed by Michael Fortune when I first saw it pictured in Fine Woodworking several issues ago. Today I finally got off my duff and got started on the build. I cut out the curved pieces to build the forms for the bent laminations . Still have not made up my mind...
  10. dino drosas

    classified ads

    I cannot figure out how to start a new post to the classified ads. I am sure I clicked on every possibility. Thanks - I must be getting senile in my old age.
  11. dino drosas

    Antique desk

    Just when you think you are a pretty decent woodworker; you stumble on this... And to think the guy who made this over two hundred years ago did it with hand tools alone… Amazing Antique Desk.
  12. dino drosas

    New Sander - heavy gloat

    I just picked up a Kundig oscillating belt sander. I have been in the market for one for quite some time. My plans are for it to replace the Powermatic 20" disc sander and the Grizzley Spindle sander. I feel it will be more useful and I can free up some space in the shop. I will soon be posting...
  13. dino drosas

    Cannot upload new picture to my Pics

    When I go to upload a new picture , there is no "choose file" button to import. What am I doing wrong??? HELP! and thanks. Dino
  14. dino drosas

    Worth the effort???

    The bottoms of the large shutters on my house have quite a bit of rot from water bouncing up from the patio. The shutters are over 8 feet tall and the bottom 30 inches are raised panel. They are made of 1 1/2" redwood and have been in place over 20 year. Most of the louvers are in decent shape...
  15. dino drosas

    Quarter Sawn White Oak

    I was called to see if I had an interest in buying 250 bf of QSWO. You know what that answer was. It was left over from a office building door project and was stored inside for the last four years. Of course I bought it and it turned out to be about 300 bf. All 8 ft long, planed on both sides...
  16. dino drosas

    Three Wheel Band Saw - A Shamfull Gloat

    I have a 24" Laguna band saw and keep a wide carbide tipped installed. Anytime any curved cuts are needed a blade change is required along with readjusting the guides. I decided that a small band saw would be a good addition to the shop. The odds of my winning the one at the picnic were...
  17. dino drosas

    96" Vega Copy Lathe

    Found this on Columbia, SC Craig's List. Interesting, if you have the space. [B]Attention Scott Smith...[B] Not Mine!!!
  18. dino drosas

    Irish sail boat builder

    Earlier this week there was posted a link that showed a sail boat being hand built in Ireland. I watched it and would like to see it again. I need help finding it as I cannot find it myself. Thanks, Dino Drosas
  19. dino drosas

    backordered Worksharp 3000

    Has anyone received their backordered sharpener yet or heard anything related to a time frame of delivery?
  20. dino drosas

    Home Depot, Worksharp 3000 orders

    I just received an email notice from HD that my Worksharp order was cancelled. Had a feeling this was going to happen. Chances are that many of you will receive the same.

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