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  1. Jeremy Scuteri

    Coffee table almost done

    Nice work!
  2. Jeremy Scuteri

    Greensboro Lunch This Tuesday

    I think I can make it. It will be great to see everyone.
  3. Jeremy Scuteri

    Automatic dust collection

    The only thing my system does is allow me to have a whole bunch of inexpensive buttons around the shop that turn the dust collector on and off. I still have to manually open and close blast gates. Automated gates would be really cool.
  4. Jeremy Scuteri

    Festool ROS?

    Feels better in my hand. I think it has a lower center of gravity. Easier to control. If I recall correctly, my RO150 has a 5mm stroke and my ETS150 has a 3mm stroke, so that may be part of it. You're welcome to come over and try them out. I have the Festool 1/2 sheet sander too(RS 2E).
  5. Jeremy Scuteri

    Festool ROS?

    I personally like the ETS150 better than the RO150. The RO150 is more versatile though with it's gear driven mode.
  6. Jeremy Scuteri

    Latest Harpsichords

    Thanks for posting, those are great.
  7. Jeremy Scuteri

    Miter gauge - Recommendations

    I have the Incra 1000HD. I bought it years ago when I had the Delta Unisaw. I have not used it in a while and I pulled it out the other day. My overwhelming thought was that the "incra lock bars", those serrated little things that lock your stop in little grooves are a major pain in the butt...
  8. Jeremy Scuteri

    Help Needed

    Hoping for a full recovery Dirk.
  9. Jeremy Scuteri

    Props to Zoro Tools

    I had a table saw from Grizzly "fall out of the box" as well. Same exact wording. Makes me chuckle...
  10. Jeremy Scuteri

    The job I did not want but ...

    Well done Phil!
  11. Jeremy Scuteri

    A couple recent turnings...

    Those look fantastic.
  12. Jeremy Scuteri

    Lovingly Remembered

    So sorry to hear this Phil.
  13. Jeremy Scuteri

    Staved cup

    Very cool. Nice work.
  14. Jeremy Scuteri

    New part time woodworker from Charlotte

    Welcome to the group
  15. Jeremy Scuteri

    The passing of Charles Neil (Dec 21, 2019)

    I don't believe he was an NCWW member.
  16. Jeremy Scuteri

    Need Jointer and Planer

    Those are some massive bearings! Holy cow. :eek: Nobody can argue the difference in heft, but the assertion that the older machine gives better "results" is highly questionable. Take 2 boards, put one through each planer and I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that you couldn't tell me which planer...
  17. Jeremy Scuteri

    The passing of Charles Neil (Dec 21, 2019)

    He was a cool guy. I've never seen anyone else talk about "bump cutting".
  18. Jeremy Scuteri

    Christmas Commission

    Beautiful work on both Bruce! I really like the black walnut one.
  19. Jeremy Scuteri

    Need Jointer and Planer

    One more thing Mike, just to avoid disappointment, I would expect the following (many will spend MUCH less time): 1 full day getting the machine assembled 2 - 3 days putzing around on the internet figuring out the best way to get the machine set up / calibrated 1 day performing the...

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