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  1. DSWalker

    For Sale Rockwell 8" Jointer

    Aha... yes. I missed the 3 phase piece. Still a good price.
  2. DSWalker

    For Sale Rockwell 8" Jointer

    Wow. That sounds like a great price. I'm sure someone will snatch it up quick. I might if I were closer! Do you have a forklift to load it? Bet it weighs a ton!
  3. DSWalker

    Coffee table almost done

    Looks great!!
  4. DSWalker

    Glue-Up "Accident"

    If I don't bleed on a project... I probably was performing the work in a dream. Stabbed my finger this past weekend trying to hold a screw while attaching a countertop using the drill. It happens. Think Safety!
  5. DSWalker

    Long counter top glue-up

    I just made a countertop of similar dimensions, but used 3 2x8x16' boards from a local sawmill. It came out much better than I expected and I didnt even joint the edges. I did have 1 or 2 small areas with gaps, and I used a little epoxy to fill those spots. Mine is for the shop, so didn't...
  6. DSWalker

    Shop countertop

    Nothing special here. For the last couple years, since I put up the cabnets, I've only had a few boards laying on top. Warped boards at that, so things fall into the drawers all the time. Bought 3, 2 x 10 x 16' boards yesterday and glued them up. Filling in a few spots with epoxy this AM...
  7. DSWalker

    Lovingly Remembered

    So so sorry to hear this.
  8. DSWalker

    Sanding Station built.

    Looks very nice. I've thought about doing the same at times. Where is the air intake? Hard to see from photos. Is there a gap on the edges/ends of the table?
  9. DSWalker

    New part time woodworker from Charlotte

    Howdy and welcome.
  10. DSWalker

    My shop is Empty!

    Delivered a table today for a coworker, and loaded up the cornhole boards for my trip to TN this weekend. Shop looks empty with the table and game boards gone. Table was/is a baby shower gift. Made the cornhole boards for my sister. She is giving to her hubby for Christmas. My...
  11. DSWalker

    Cord Repair

    Does this one help?
  12. DSWalker

    General Finishes water based enduro-var

    May depend on the amount of drinking involved during and/or before the game begins. 'falls over, bangs head on corner of board' lol
  13. DSWalker

    General Finishes water based enduro-var

    I had already applied 2-3 coats before I started seeing it. another lesson learned. Always 'test' your products on scrap. I almost always do on the stains. Never thought about that for the clear coats.
  14. DSWalker

    General Finishes water based enduro-var

    Yep, that is exactly what happened. I didn't really notice it on the first coat. After the 2nd it was a bit too late! Lesson learned. Glad to know it likely isn't a deterioration of the product and more likely the added tint. Now, How do I explain this to my brother in law? lol
  15. DSWalker

    General Finishes water based enduro-var

    I have of this water based GF product. I had used about 1/2 a year, or so ago. Sealed it up and been sitting on shelf. 'No additives'. Opened it up over the weekend, stirred well and applied over some white paint on a set of corn hole boards. It has a very light 'reddish' tint to it...
  16. DSWalker

    How many slivers do you have currently?

    One of my worst was in the barn. I have rough cut lumber on the walls. I was reaching for a pair of sissors that hang on a nail to cut open a bale of hay. I got a big 'sliver' right under the finger nail. If I had cameras in the barn I likely could have won $10k on AMERICAS FUNNIEST VIDEOS...
  17. DSWalker

    Dust collector

    This is an EXCELLENT price. You would do well to grab this. I bought the exact same for $150 about a year ago and rarely see them for less than $200. Mine is mobile and I use it on TS, band saw, planer and jointer. Direct hook up. No problems.
  18. DSWalker

    Chairs... looking for some

    I'm building a table for my daughter and she wants some chairs similar to below. I told her I'd check here to see if anyone makes something similar. I forgot to ask, but I know she wants 4 and possibly up to 6. Let me know if you are interested and if so, send a PM with pricing and a...
  19. DSWalker

    Raleigh area SHOP Crawl - 12/7/19 Updated 12/4/19

    Hey Phil, Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to make it. Just have too much to do before a Christmas trip to TN in a few weeks. Seems like there are several in waiting for spots, so please offer up my place to the next in line. Hope you get this before sending out the final instructions!
  20. DSWalker

    Needing use of large planer for one board -- near Cary

    Isn't this the perfect opportunity to go buy a new toy to help take care of this!? :) A nice 4" belt sander would take care of that pretty quick. I have a 20" planer but am probably about 45 min to an hour away in Four Oaks. I'm sure others will be around to offer up assistance. If not, let...

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