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    Festool track saw

    Got a new cordless Festool track saw and started looking at it today to familiarize myself with it. My first impression is that it's a fine example of quality German engineering from top to bottom (including the batteries, chargers, and storage case). I'll try using it tomorrow with the 55"...
  2. J

    Bosch 4000 table saw

    My Bosch 4000 died today, the motor locked up awhile after a some screeching noises and humming sounds. The motor repair would be about $380 with parts and labor (armatures and seals) IF the parts are available. A refurbished model 4100 is about $380 and a brand new 4100 is about $500 so...
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    Dovetail practice

    I'm interested in making a tool tote tray like the one made by Graywolf. I've been practicing my dovetails and it's a lot more difficult than regular dovetail boxes with vertical sides. The actual cutting of the pins and tails is straightforward but it's the layout that's a bear for me with the...
  4. J

    Ricky Pope-Sawyer

    Ricky Pope is a sawyer in Bahama, NC. He doesn't have a web page but you can call him. He sends email pictures as new wood from his kiln goes in the racks. You have to sign up for his email. Just out of the kiln yesterday. 10 ft maple with ambrosia marks, 6 ft maple with lots of nice edges and...
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    Edit message time limit

    I started a "Conversation" and wanted to add some additional information after sending it. However, the 5 minute time limit for editing the message had expired and I couldn't add anything. Why is there a time limit to edit a message in a "Conversation"?
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    Scroll saw blade`

    I'd like to find a "spiral" scroll saw blade that is at least 5 1/8" long to go in a new Infinity tools fret saw. Longer is fine too but less than 5 1/8" won't work. TIA
  7. J

    Hand cut dovetails.

    I spent 4-5 hours with Graywolf learning how to make hand cut dovetails in a one-on-one class at his home. It was excellent and I learned a lot of subtle things about dovetails and how to make them. Practice, practice, and more practice. Contact Graywolf via PM.
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    Terminology: What is the pin and what is the tail? I think that the pin is the narrower piece and there may be 3 of them for 2 tails. ??????????? Cut the larger tails and place the 2 boards at 90 degrees. Then mark the pins?
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    New Album

    I have my old albums but how do I make a new one and add pictures to it? The old method had them listed by title so it was easy to add and search.
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    Tool tote box

    I'm struggling with the concept and the design. Graywolf and Danmart have built the boxes with compound angled dovetails. I don't really need a tool box so it's more of an interesting exercise. The tool tote that Roy Underhill made is simply nailed together...
  11. J

    Cypress wet or dry

    I thought that there was a thread from Chris C about building a grill table and he wanted to know whether to use kiln dried cypress or green cypress but I can't find it. Maybe it was started by someone else? Does anyone recall this thread from a few days ago and who started it?
  12. J

    Tapered sliding dovetails

    I received this via email from FWW and it got my curiosity. According to the free plan the cabinet shelves are 3/4" t and the tapered dovetail socket is 5/16" deep (3/8" w at the front and 9/16" w at the back). Interesting but seems too complex for a simple cabinet. Why not use plain old dados...
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    Wood inlays

    I bought these from Matt Furjanic just to see them in person. No particular use planned but "melinapex" made 5 homemade 8 point inlays for his game board project. 1. Ebony/holly, 6 inch, 8 point 2. Walnut/maple, 6 inch, 5 point 3. Walnut/holly, 3 inch, 4 point...
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    South American Mahogany

    Got about 20bf of South American Mahogany (Swieitenia macrophylla, genuine mahogany) from the Hardwood Store. Two 5/4 boards (10"w x 12'l x 1"t, S4S). It's my first time seeing mahogany in person; pretty nice stuff with a fairly uniform grain. Two pieces finished with 1) Waterlox, left and 2)...
  15. J

    Push sticks for the shop

    I have a couple of homemade push sticks for the table saw but I'd like to upgrade. I could also make a new wood one. Does anyone use the Grr-ripper and what is your impression of it?
  16. J

    Howard Acheson

    Does anyone know if Howard Acheson (Howie) is still an active member? He was pretty good at finishing but I haven't seen anything from him for a long time.
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    No permissions, etc.

    Logged in as usual. Can't open any of the pictures, but it worked yesterday when I posted the thread. A screen shot when I click on a pic.
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    Deleting duplicate posts

    Does this require Admin help? I have three posts with the same title "Pine Tar Finish" in the Finishing forum. I only want the most recent one at 1:32pm. I'm not sure how I did this but I was fooling around with the pictures. Thanks.
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    Pine tar finish

    A fellow member posted a thread about using a pine tar finish for outdoor wood. An interesting idea. Pine tar from Finland ( )...
  20. J

    NC Big & Tall Trees

    The NC Champion Big Tree Program is maintained by the NC Forest Service. Search by county or tree species. 1. The tallest champion tree in NC: Eastern white pine, 180 feet tall in Jackson county. 2. Yellow...

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