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    Gluing in an unheated shop

    Amen - Been there, done that, had to start over. For me it was an unheated shop where the glue did not set - project joints started coming apart when I sanded.... hmmmm?!?! Back up a step and re-do under warmer conditions was the answer.
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    Do you use spring joints for large panel glue ups?

    No. Never saw the need.
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    Anyone need a 16" jointer?

    Ok Richard, but I might need a few things: 1. Marriage Counselling 2. to rebuild the floor of my living room 3. an interior decorator to help align'the new furniture' with the existing decor 4. an electrician to rewire my living room to be able to provide enough juice for this new 'piece of...
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    Glue-Up "Accident"

    Wearing gloves to keep blood off the project, eh? Good idea. Maybe I should take notes! Hope the healing is less trouble than the glue-up.
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    Danish Cord Bench

    Wow, nicely done. Love the subtle designs elements in there - tops of the posts and the arched stretcher. Great clear photography too. (EDIT - I searched and I found your post with details.) Have you posted details of your horizontal mortiser? I am interested in seeing more about how you've...
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    In-swing door? Like on a barrister bookcase

    Having been through a bit more searching, including VanDykes (where the listed instructions were simply a parts diagram...), I searched the term 'flipper door' on Lee Valley (another great source of hardware). Calling them (that is LV) I was provided answers all my questions and I am likely...
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    In-swing door? Like on a barrister bookcase

    Yes, thank you. One of the first challenges in a project like this is knowing the right terminology. Hard to search well if you don't know the terms to use.
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    In-swing door? Like on a barrister bookcase

    Have also spent considerable time in libraries .... yes doing real library type work. Skills not as refined as yours, apparently. Thanks Mike.
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    In-swing door? Like on a barrister bookcase

    Excellent Mike - thanks. Now why didn't I find that resource when I searched?
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    In-swing door? Like on a barrister bookcase

    Yes that's it Steve
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    RDU CL - Powermatic air filter - $200 (Hillsborough) (SOLD?)

    EDIT - CL post deleted by author - presumably SOLD - end EDIT not mine, not endorsing, (posted about 1 PM Friday) but I do have this identical model, and am pleased with it. It's not the quietest thing to run (on Medium or high), but it does clean the air... Love the remote. I posted a thread...
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    In-swing door? Like on a barrister bookcase

    I have installed a 'built in' shelving unit, and now want to install a door on the lower shelf. Seems to me like the best choice is what I would call an in-swing door (upswing?), like that on a barrister's bookcase. This is an inset door, but it is not hinged; the top of the door slides to the...
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    HELP! Can someone in RDU help me store that planer until June?

    Bruce Great - Monday PM can work for me. I don't have room in my shop either, but can likely get it into my basement. Getting it from the trailer on the driveway to the basement door (opposite corner of the house) in now the question. Sure we can figure something out. Do you have a solid or...
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    HELP! Can someone in RDU help me store that planer until June?

    Richard I'd love to help, but the logistics of moving this thing are a barrier for me. I don't have a vehicle or trailer that would work to transport, although I could help someone who does have the right vehicle. I could likely store it for you
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    Storage for a Planner

    Planer was listed in RDU CL as on Faircloth. That is inside the Raleigh beltline, near the Wade Ave interchange (Faircloth borders Meredith College).
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    Shellac development

    yes, "seems disingenuous."
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    RDU CL - Planer - $125 (Raleigh) (post now deleted)

    Hoping you can swing arrangements. As Bruce suggests, ask around here if you need storage if the seller won't/can't provide. I hope you realize that this is a 12" planer - a lifetime tool, but still it is limited to a 12" wide piece. A worthwhile acquisition if you can swing it.
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    RDU CL - Planer - $125 (Raleigh) (post now deleted)

    Ok Bob, wow. Makes me think about the adage about 'breaking down a complicated process into a series of simple steps '. All well and good, but there is a whole lot of knowledge and experience that goes into undertaking those simple steps; quite frankly knowledge and experience at a level...
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    RDU CL - Planer - $125 (Raleigh) (post now deleted)

    EDIT - CL post now deleted by author - presumably SOLD - end EDIT not mine, not endorsing.... but I have one of these, and at this price, this item is a 'steal' if this is in working order, Motor alone is likely worth that much. This is a lifetime tool - albeit one with straight knives not a...
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    RDU CL - Delta BS and TS + more in Apex

    not mine, not endorsing Bunch of tools, including TS, BS, sander, lathe, jointer, etc... Contractor's TS appears to have a Unifence, if that makes any difference to you 14" BS Henry

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