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    Girl/Boy Scouts Woodworking

    I am looking at making the candy dispenser with my son who is 8. I thought this would be a fun project for him. And it should be for your age group as well. its something they could use. Google wooden candy dispensers for plenty of ideas.
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    The job I did not want but ...

    Very nice. Sorry for your loss.
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    Finishing Black Iron Pipe

    I'm not sure if this is just a one project or multiiple projects going forward. But he may want to talk to someone who does powder coating. The could decreage/ phosphate / and then powder coat providing a longer standing finish. The colors they could choose are endless. And the Finish is very...
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    Christmas gift ideas for the woodworker

    I like the idea of this thread my family claims to have the same issues with me. Couple things that I have asked for in the past was orbital sander, boxes of the Sandpaper for the orbital sander, dust deputy, I try to look for items that are less than $50. Also last year got a set of bared...
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    Spatula handle7

    So here is a picture of the attached handle I got. I guess we'll see this year how it works. There was two handles that only cost $8 Thanks Chris
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    Spatula handle7

    I did not know they made silicone handles like richard mentioned. So I looked on amazon for a silicone handle and found one that I have ordered to see how it will work. Chris
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    Spatula handle7

    Someone bought a green egg pizza peel. and it lasted about 3 grills before it started to tear. The weight of the butts kept bending it where the flat part and the handle meet. That is why I made this one out of stainless. We used a large heavy spatula but the the handle was short and the area...
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    Spatula handle7

    We're using them as well. But taking them off especially the back of the grill and to get up underneath them so you don't leave the meat stuck to the grill, we use a spatula to get up under them and then pull them back to the front of the grill. Also sometimes they fall apart when you grab them...
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    Spatula handle7

    In the month of December we normally cook around 400 Boston butts at different times using standard Pig cookers. So to to help get them off the grill and into a transporting tray. I made a heavy-duty spatula. And it works well except for the handle grip. With hands being greasy from the Boston...
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    Free Craftsman RAS and Miter Saw Score for me...

    The one you have looks similar to mine. Have you checked it for the recall? I think they were sending either money or a new table top. I got the new table top with new handle and blade guard.
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    Carolina Waterfowl Rescue needs help fom Woodworkers

    Johnny, where did you get the cypress from? Or did you use pine?
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    In 7 days

    I was thinking more of a rikon!
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    In 7 days

    I get to bring my planer home! Chris
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    Completed Projects

    I didn't know we were supposed to complete projects. I like the game wall idea. Very creative.
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    This Saturday Practice for Cub Scouts

    Just curious where Barry's Farm is? Is it around Raleigh?
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    Free Cabinets

    I will take the last picture set if still available and no one else wants them. Will they be off the wall or will we need to take them down? Chris
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    Raffle Prizes Are Still Rolling In!!!

    The grand prize winning ticket was just purchased! How many people will it take to unload that planer?
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    I will take one of the 3/4 24x36 pieces. And meet you at Phils on the 6th. Phil, what is the times for the urn workshop? Chris
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    What size are the router top blanks you are making? Are you making any smaller ones? I was thinking about 18x24. Also, besides router table what are people using these sheets for?
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    Dust Collection

    I was planning on piping it outside. Just using the motor part to act as the vacuum and blow the output outside. I've been to Charlie shop and all his dust collection blow a big pile out back. I was wanting to do that just for this oscillating sander. So the idea is none of the Dust would be in...

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