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    RDU CL - Powermatic air filter - $200 (Hillsborough) (SOLD?)

    EDIT - CL post deleted by author - presumably SOLD - end EDIT not mine, not endorsing, (posted about 1 PM Friday) but I do have this identical model, and am pleased with it. It's not the quietest thing to run (on Medium or high), but it does clean the air... Love the remote. I posted a thread...
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    In-swing door? Like on a barrister bookcase

    I have installed a 'built in' shelving unit, and now want to install a door on the lower shelf. Seems to me like the best choice is what I would call an in-swing door (upswing?), like that on a barrister's bookcase. This is an inset door, but it is not hinged; the top of the door slides to the...
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    RDU CL - Planer - $125 (Raleigh) (post now deleted)

    EDIT - CL post now deleted by author - presumably SOLD - end EDIT not mine, not endorsing.... but I have one of these, and at this price, this item is a 'steal' if this is in working order, Motor alone is likely worth that much. This is a lifetime tool - albeit one with straight knives not a...
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    RDU CL - Delta BS and TS + more in Apex

    not mine, not endorsing Bunch of tools, including TS, BS, sander, lathe, jointer, etc... Contractor's TS appears to have a Unifence, if that makes any difference to you 14" BS Henry
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    RDU CL - Delta Sanding Station 6"Belt/9" Disc - $110 (MEBANE) + 12" disc SOLD (OSS still available)

    EDIT - Delta Sander and Woodtek disc sander are SOLD - OSS not yet (still listed on CL) - end EDIT not mine, not endorsing,... but I like my unbranded version of this tool. Very versatile and great at producing clouds of sawdust :):D. This one looks to be in pristine condition, although for a...
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    RDU CL - Grizzly Combo Sander - $75 (Apex) SOLD

    EDIT - apparently SOLD not mine, not endorsing, etc but once I had one of these belt/disc sanders, I found 'lotsa' uses for it. Henry ___________________________________ Grizzly Combo Sander Grizzly Combo Sander - $75 (Apex) image 1 of 3 west lake rd near ten ten condition: excellent...
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    RDU CL - Heavy Duty Planer - Delta DC-380 Works Great! - $450

    not mine, not endorsing, ....but if it is in working order (aside from rust) then this is a good deal. No mention of the electrical requirements, but I'd expect that this most certainly is not a 120V 15A tool. Posted about noon on Tues. Henry _________________________ Heavy Duty Planer -...
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    Bosch Drill/Driver PS20 clutch - toss or repair?

    What would you do faced with this tool failure? I have a lightly used Bosch PS20 12V Li ion drill driver; a tool I have had for likely 10+years. Never heavily used. Recently the clutch has become noisy, then it stopped transmitting power at all. I just disassembled it to the point that it...
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    RDU CL - Jet 18" Bandsaw - $525 (Hillsborough)

    not mine, not endorsing Henry _______________________________ Jet 18" Bandsaw - $525 (Hillsborough) image 9 of 9 6737 Green Rise Rd. near Dairyland Rd. (google map) condition: good make / manufacturer: Jet model name / number: JBS-18 Jet Band saw, new tires, 2hp, 1ph, 230v Cutting...
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    RDU CL - Grizzly Bandsaw - $350 (Johnston County) SOLD?!

    EDIT - post deleted on CL, presumably sold - end EDIT not mine, not endorsing Henry _______________________________________________ Grizzly Bandsaw Grizzly Bandsaw - $350 (Johnston County) condition: excellent make / manufacturer: Grizzly model name / number: G0555LX For Sale is a Grizzly...
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    GBO CL - Veritas Router Plane New in Box - $85 (Greensboro) - SOLD?

    EDIT: CL post deleted by author, presumably SOLD - end EDIT not mine, not endorsing,... but if it were closer I'd be seriously tempted. Anyone feeling generous and want to buy this for me for Christmas?:D:rolleyes:;) Henry _________________ Veritas Router Plane New in Box Veritas Router...
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    Raleigh FB tool postings - Festool vac, Track saw etc

    A poster on Facebook, location in N Raleigh, has several Festool items. Search 'Festool' in FB Marketplace. Looks like good deals if those are items you are interested in. $420 Festool TS-75 Track saw (the bigger one) - no tracks or connectors $780 Festool Kapex miter saw *mint* Tools For Sale...
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    RDU CL - Hardwood and Steel Workbench - $55 (Garner) <<-- good bench top?

    not mine, not endorsing... ... but this table top makes for a GREAT Bench top. I have this set up exactly, except I substituted a much more solid table as support (screwed a few cleats into the bottom so there's no movement). The pictured table base will rack (I expect) if you were to use a...
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    RDU CL - Festool CT 33 Dust Extractor - $250 (RALEIGH) SOLD

    EDIT - CL post removed; presumably SOLD - end EDIT again, may not be a hot deal... and IIRC this model is discontinued - but check me on that if that's important info. Henry _________________________________...
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    RDU CL - Festool Domino XL DF700 - $1400 (SE - Raleigh, NC)

    not sure it is a hot deal, and not mine (if it were I would not likely sell it), not endorsing... Henry ______________________________ Festool Domino XL DF700 Festool Domino XL DF700 - $1400 (SE - Raleigh, NC) image 1 of 3 condition: new make / manufacturer: Festool model name / number...
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    RDU CL - Festool OF 1400 EQ Router - $200 (RALEIGH) - SOLD

    EDIT - post removed from CL, presumably SOLD not mine, not endorsing... Someone downsizing their shop and seems to have purchased a bunch o' Festools.... Henry ____________________________________ Festool OF 1400 EQ Router - $200 (RALEIGH) condition: excellent make / manufacturer: Festool...
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    RDU CL - 12” Bosch Axial Glide Miter Saw - $500

    and this morning there is a wealth of top ranked miter saws on RDU CL (see Festool Kapex post minutes earlier). THis also not mine and I'm not endorsing. Posted to CL Mon evening. Henry ________________________________ 12” Bosch Axial Glide Miter Saw 12” Bosch Axial Glide Miter Saw - $500...
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    RDU CL - Festool Kapex Mitersaw $450 (Raleigh NC) - SOLD

    EDIT - post removed from CL, presumably SOLD unsure how expensive a new one is, but I expect it is more than $450. This is not mine, I'm not endorsing, yada yada .... this was posted to CL about 8:30 AM and I would not expect it to last long (no of course I am not tempted...) Henry...
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    Loss of power? - Delta Contractor's TS

    Here's the recent journey with my trusted old friend, my first stationary power tool, a 1.5 hp Delta Contractors saw (bought used 23 years ago). I have used it for everything including ripping 8/4 hardwoods and all kinds of other stuff over the years; never really bogged it down unless I had...
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    Cake stand: Advice on attaching top, base design?

    So by request I am making some cake stands, from a backyard tree that was precious to my client. I have the platters done, and have not completed the bases. Having 'dived in' in order to get these platters to dry out (worked great), I have yet to determine how I will attach the platter to the...

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