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  1. Bear Republic

    Fast wine rack

    Looks great, like the addition of the corks haven't seen that before. Looks like some interesting wine to drink too. Been thinking of doing that with some nice reclaimed barnwood beams cut down.
  2. Bear Republic

    Beginning Young Woodworker in NC

    Welcome to the neighborhood! Lots of great people sharing their knowledge and advice. Don't be afraid to ask questions, you can get simple to complex detailed answers depending on what you need. The various workshops we out on are a great way to meet people and learn. So to learn from you...
  3. Bear Republic

    Wall Tool Cabinet - Progress report

    Truely inspiring job. For the true craftsman to create, the tools at hand need to be organized and readily at hand. You did a fine job at that and looking to see it show of in your future work.
  4. Bear Republic

    Recent Turnings

    Great work, you continue to out do yourself with new designs. You must have a bunch of little elves helping you. Coming up with designs and cutting all those pieces....
  5. Bear Republic

    Latest Harpsichords

    Stunning work, even the "no frills" model is a work of art. One of the reasons I love being a part of this group is seeing and learning about what a true Craftsman creates. I can't imagine the amount of knowledge, skill, and time you put into those beautiful pieces. Thank you for sharing.
  6. Bear Republic

    Christmas presents i made for my work squad mates

    Nice work, gotta like that are cherished and appreciated.
  7. Bear Republic

    Help Needed

    Prayers headed your way for both of you. It's amazing how much things are changing on terms of detecting and fighting cancers. Stay positive!
  8. Bear Republic

    The job I did not want but ...

    A beautiful and fitting tribute. You're a true Craftsman
  9. Bear Republic

    Lovingly Remembered

    I am sorry for your loss. My prayers go out to you and your family. Let us know if you need anything. You have been so generous to us. I would love to be able to pay back some of it. May you find peace and serenity during this difficult time.
  10. Bear Republic

    Hand Tool Wall Cabinet - work in progress

    Looks Great! Very nice job with the design and layout. A fine example tip strive for.
  11. Bear Republic

    A rocking horse for my daughter

    Looks Great! Will be nice to pass on to a new generation
  12. Bear Republic

    Poor Man's Hoist

    Nice job, where there is a will there is a way...... Slow and steady works alot better than the hernia express.
  13. Bear Republic

    Lumber addiction

    I'm sure in your new shop needs a fine tool chest or at the very least a wood storage cart for your next auction winnings!
  14. Bear Republic

    North Carolina Furniture School

    NCFS is like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, it's a great place to learn the craft because of the great mind behind it. He 's the eternal teacher sharing where ever he is.
  15. Bear Republic

    The "safest" tools and hurrying.....

    I think we have all learned at some point that trying to work fast or doing something the quick way has surprised us. Either leaving a mark or a story to learn from. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Bear Republic

    New member from Carthage

    Welcome to the neighborhood! Lots of great people here with tons of knowledge. Most of all thank you for for all of your service.
  17. Bear Republic

    Klingspor's Woodworking EXTRAVAGANZA #19 - this Friday/Saturday

    You have definitely put the Extra in Extravaganza!!!! Coleman, you really showcase woodworking like a Hollywood primere. I can't say you gone Hollywood but maybe Y'ALLwood. Can't wait to take it all in. Like the first trip to Disneyland, can't come soon enough.
  18. Bear Republic

    Table for Raleigh Mayor's Office

    Looks great. I know it's a proud moment personally and a great gift for the city and our state. It's great that it can continue to be a "living" history for the vibrant green jewel of Raleigh. I'll have to stop in and see it next time I'm downtown. It's story from planting to how and where...
  19. Bear Republic

    Hand Tool Wall Cabinet - work in progress

    Looking forward to seeing the finished product. I know work your attention to details out will be quite the sight for the crawl.
  20. Bear Republic

    Truly new and improved

    Was accessing it from my phone, recorded this warming: Your connection is not private Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more NET::ERR_CERT_WEAK_SIGNATURE_ALGORITHM You attempted to reach...

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