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    Outdoor finish

    Epifanes varnish is a good choice. Waterlox Marine finish is a possibility but I have no experience with it.
  2. J

    Getting into Hand Tools

    I found this tidbit about that cabinet. It was in the Lie-Nielsen Christmas catalog in 2002.
  3. J

    How do I square this.

    A diagonal strip holds the carcass square during glue up. It looks like you have the corner blocks already, but shouldn't they be diagonal to each other?
  4. J

    kitchen island

    Holdfasts. Gramercy makes some nice ones that work well.
  5. J

    Wood ID??

    The Hardwood Store used to sell it but it's not listed on their website anymore. It's a good candidate whose properties are pretty close to what the OP has described. Take a look...
  6. J

    Empty garage!

    The garage electrical and lighting is already installed as I understand it. :oops:
  7. J

    Wood ID??

    The source of the wood may be a clue if you can get it from whoever gave it to you. Is it from a NC tree? Janka hardness River birch 970 White oak 1350 South American mahogany 900 I have some South American mahogany whose color is similar.
  8. J

    kitchen island

    He did a pretty good job recovering/fixing his mistakes.
  9. J

    Hickory just out of the kiln

    Bob, I'd like to come look at a few boards. PM me with your address and phone number. Thanks.
  10. J

    Empty garage!

    I can't see any of the electrical receptacles along the walls. How many are there on each wall? You have at least one ceiling receptacle that the garage door opener and light are connected too from what I can tell.
  11. J

    Festool track saw

    I like the cordless option but it's quite a bit more expensive. It comes with 2 batteries and 2 chargers and it can be run with both batteries simultaneously for maximum power (so it says).
  12. J

    Festool track saw

    Got a new cordless Festool track saw and started looking at it today to familiarize myself with it. My first impression is that it's a fine example of quality German engineering from top to bottom (including the batteries, chargers, and storage case). I'll try using it tomorrow with the 55"...
  13. J

    Narex Chisel Find

    I have 7 regular Narex chisels that I bought on recommendations from a few other NCWWs. They weren't ready to use out of the box but after prepping them they're fine chisels. Good steel (chromium-manganese) that holds the edge. Your Limited Edition set currently sells for about $170. You got a...
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    Hinge Selection advise

    Have you already made the plywood cabinet and the doors are not inset but overlay of some sort. You should give us the outside dimensions of the finished cabinet (width and height) that the 10" w x 20" h doors will be fastened too.
  15. J

    kitchen island

    Construction lumber is fine and as for as'll outlast you folks. A couple of wood cutting boards can be put on top of your island top instead of doing food prep directly on your top.
  16. J

    workshop floor advice

    SYP pine is primarily found in the southeast and it doesn't grow near Maine which may explain the higher cost in Maine. What are your other woods that you're looking into. Are they cheaper in Maine or Mass?
  17. J

    Empty garage!

  18. J

    Help with a grilling enclosure

    Thanks for the pictures. Scenic and relaxing Lake Gaston. I didn't see your boat. You could still put a partial roof over a portion of the deck where the grill is (on the right side of your 1st pic). The rafters tie into a few of your existing roof rafters. 7 rafters @ 16" oc would be about an...
  19. J

    Help with a grilling enclosure

    I'm lost and confused again. How about a picture of your deck area with your grill and where you would like to put the grilling area with a 7-8' high "roof".

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