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  1. Chilihead

    Dust collector upgrade thoughts

    another vote for the HF DC. It has served my very well over 6 years now. A Wynn filter on top helps greatly. Anyone out there that has done the impeller upgrade have a link of brand to share on where to get those?
  2. Chilihead

    Pedestal Table: Completed!! Delivered: Final Post

    table is fantastic!......and so is all that shop space!
  3. Chilihead

    WNC Pony express

    WNC Pony Express. -raffle prizes - I know this is short notice, but I’ll be stopping by Jeremy Scuteri’s place late morning/lunch time today to pick up my winnings. I live in Asheville I am happy to pick up anyone elses prize if you
  4. Chilihead

    Raleigh area machine shop

    Interesting on the clamping trick......give us an update in a few weeks on whether it stayed put or moved again please.
  5. Chilihead

    Hairline Cracks in Oak

    I have a bunch of red oak and much of it has similar cracks in it. Often the crack does run through aboard, so, as others have already mentioned, be mindful of that when structural concerns are there. I've have very good luck filling these cracks with epoxy. It does double duty helping to...
  6. Chilihead

    Vinegar - Steel wool stain

    I agree with the others here, I'd leave it the way it is. I like the subtle contrast the sap wood brings. However, if you are still wanting to pursue it, I'll offer you this. I do not think that adding more iron solution will create much change on the sap wood. It's a chemical reaction between...
  7. Chilihead

    I love a challenge

    impressive! Way to resurrect it!
  8. Chilihead

    Something happened with my jointer...

    Congrats on the new toy! I have an older Grizzly 8inch that looks exactly like that.
  9. Chilihead

    Roubo workbench complete.

    Very nice!
  10. Chilihead

    Brian Boggs bandsaw webinar

    In case anyone is interested, Brian Boggs is having another bandsaw webinar this Saturday. Details below. Also he is looking for a few folks to be live in the audience, so if you’re nearby Asheville and would like to do that, give them a call. - I’m just sharing the info and am not directly...
  11. Chilihead

    Finally done- Dining Table

    well done!
  12. Chilihead

    Rigid planer

    I've had the Ridgid 1300LS planer for 16yrs and it has been a champ. Not a problem from it!
  13. Chilihead

    Harbor Fright Dust Collector

    I've had one for 6 years and it works perfectly for my home shop. I upgraded to a Wynn cartridge filter and installed a Thein baffle in the inside. The Wynn improved the suction greatly and the baffle keeps the filter very clean. I recommnend all 3!
  14. Chilihead

    Brian Boggs Bandsaw webinar

    I just saw this in Brian Boggs’ recent newsletter and thought some of you might be interested. He’s offering a bandsaw webinar on March 16. - His precision on this machine is astounding! Should be a good class.
  15. Chilihead

    Farm table build

    I've had really good luck aging oak for that barnwood look with a solution made from dissolving steel wool in vinegar. It makes a chemical stain. The process takes a few minutes for the solution to react with the tanin in the wood. So if you try it be patient and don't put too much on at first.
  16. Chilihead

    Waterlox loss

    I really like using Waterlox. I've found though that it is more prone to gel in the can than anything else I've used. I've had some success with Bloxygen yet that is unpredictable. I'v switched to Stop Loss Bags - or you can get them from Lee Valley too. I've found...
  17. Chilihead

    Phenolic saw plates cheap!

    Very kind of you Rob. Yes, I'd love to take you up on your offer, and yes we can meet at Klingspor whenever is convenient for you. - Michael
  18. Chilihead

    Phenolic saw plates cheap!

    What a great offer and thanks for coordinating this. I'd like 2 for a Grizzly 1023RLW. I'll need to arrange shipping or Pony Express to Asheville with you as I cannot make the picnic. Many thanks!
  19. Chilihead

    epoxy table top finish

    Well for anyone following this thread, I did sand the seal coat down using 220 as Phil suggested. This was a good idea. It helped even out the surface which helped when I poured on the final coat last night. As hoped, the finish came out clear and no sanding marks show through at all. - This is...
  20. Chilihead

    epoxy table top finish

    Thanks Matt. Did this very thing, just using a heat gun instead of the blow torch. It worked well.

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