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  1. RickC

    Anyone from Cary (or Raleigh) going to the Mid Winter Blues shindig?

    Looks like the fellow is coming up on 2/3, so probably not needed. Thanks for your offer. HOWEVER, that being said, he is supposed to be monitoring this thread and can chime in if I'm mistaken.
  2. RickC

    Anyone from Cary (or Raleigh) going to the Mid Winter Blues shindig?

    Hey Scott! Doing well. Not doing much woodworking as photography has kind of taken that time slot. However, I am looking to get back into it a bit by using the photography as a reason to learn how to make frames! How about you? I am going to have to spend some time poking around to see who...
  3. RickC

    FREE Wood Magazines #1-243 and a few more!

    Pending 2/3/18 pickup.
  4. RickC

    FREE Wood Magazines #1-243 and a few more!

    OK. If they are not picked up on the 3rd as scheduled, I will contact you to arrange pickup.
  5. RickC

    FREE Wood Magazines #1-243 and a few more!

    There is another person trying to work out a way to get them. HOWEVER, he lives near Charlotte. Should he not be able to come up with a way to get them, would you be interested in picking them up? I live in Cary between Crossroads and the Town Center. I see your location is Raleigh, but I...
  6. RickC

    Anyone from Cary (or Raleigh) going to the Mid Winter Blues shindig?

    A member is interested in the Wood magazines I am giving away. I will not be going but it appears he is. I have two boxes about 12" high, 16" long and 10" wide holding the magazines. If someone is going, I will confirm with Steve (from Huntsville) that he is and perhaps the two of you could...
  7. RickC

    FREE Wood Magazines #1-243 and a few more!

    Trying to honor at least *1* New Year's Resolution. I have a goodly number of Wood Magazine issues, going back to the first. By Monday, 1/29/18, they will have a new home. Either someone from this group who would like them, or Cary Citizen's Convenience Center (trash place). Please either PM...
  8. RickC

    Scroll saw question

    Another endorsement of the DeWalt. Have two of them myself and find them excellent!
  9. RickC

    vendor bashing

    Prior to the popularity and anonymity of the internet people would contact the vendor first and try to work things out. It seems now a days that first step is oftentimes omitted. Now I have seen here accounts of trying to contact the vendor and the end result. The facts should speak for...
  10. RickC

    book safe

    I have some PO Box doors. PM me if you decide you are interested. I am in Cary.
  11. RickC

    December 19 at 8:00 pm Sketchup Workshop

    Any chance this session will be recorded? I have another committment that evening but would like to get started with Sketch Up. Like someone before me I tried it a couple of times and got frustrated and left it behind...
  12. RickC

    PC scroll saw revisited

    The book Scroll Saw Workbook is really good. (HERE on AMAZON). Contains the type of information it sounds as if you are looking for. Plus it covers several techniques and has exercises you can copy and use to hone your skills. You can find copies for less than $10 (plus shipping) on...
  13. RickC

    NCWW Specialty License Plate

    Something like is offered here??? CUSTOM LICENSE PLATES This might be a money maker for NCWWer - order a bunch and sell them! I have not looked through the website very far, but heck, if a bunch could be ordered at that price or close to it, they could be sold for double and help bring in...
  14. RickC

    Happy birthday RickC!!

    Thanks all! Kind of nice for the NFL to stage that little false premise for people to celebrate, too!
  15. RickC

    Steve Cole Resignation from the Board of Directors

    Pretty much sums up my feelings as well. Thanks for all you've done, Steve. Rick
  16. RickC

    Porter Cable Scroll Saw

    Still might want to consider the HF 16 inch scroll saw. Online, today 12/10, it is $64.99. Should you find one of those 20% off one item coupons, I think it could be applied to drop it even further. While it takes the pin type blades, it also has the plain end adapters with it. You could get...
  17. RickC

    Cinderella's Carriage

    Very nice done, Roy. In addition to the scrollsawer, I think there is going to be one very happy recipient!
  18. RickC

    Entry level scroll saw?

    But if it runs well, a little elbow grease and TLC would make it a nice acquisition...
  19. RickC

    Entry level scroll saw?

  20. RickC

    Entry level scroll saw?

    For what is worth, I took the same approach. What I found is the cheap scrollsaw was such a pain to use, it made scrolling unpleasant and I almost quit it then and there. However, sometimes the budget overrides the desire. That being said - I would avoid any saw that used pinned blades. They...

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