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  1. cpw

    Miter gauge - Recommendations

    I have a Kreg that I got as a door prize several years ago. Finally got around to setting it up last year and I never could get it dialed in. The bar was either too tight to slide properly or had too much slop in it and there was no way to adjust the head to get it perfectly 90° to the...
  2. cpw

    Seeing KILZ on white ceiling - any tips?

    You called it! Wife reported that the new paint did not match well so she repainted the entire ceiling.
  3. cpw

    Seeing KILZ on white ceiling - any tips?

    We know it's likely, but we're going to cross our fingers. We'll probably only worry about it in the Great Room. In the bedrooms and bathrooms, who cares?
  4. cpw

    Seeing KILZ on white ceiling - any tips?

    Eventually, the KILZ will yellow, which, of course will make it easy to find them, but we want to do the ceilings first, then the walls, then the trim, then install the new floor. That way we don't have to mess with drop cloths.
  5. cpw

    Seeing KILZ on white ceiling - any tips?

    As part of our mobile home renovation we are repainting. My son was helping and hit some discolored spots on the ceiling with KILZ, and now I cannot see them clearly to go back over the treated spots with the paint. I don't want to repaint the whole ceiling, just the spots. The KILZ is a...
  6. cpw

    Reasonably Priced Non Ethanol Fuel

    The Quality Plus where we usually fuel up has ethanol free premium currently at $3.25/gal. There's a mom & pop place outside of town that has ethanol free midgrade that is usually a bit cheaper, but it's so far out of my way that it is usually not worth the difference for 5 gallons.
  7. cpw

    Changing entry door swing side?

    As I have stated previously, my wife and I are rehabing a mobile home. We're downsizing and will be using it as a transition place. I am going to replace the front door and storm door. Currently the storm door out-swings to the left and the entry door in-swings to the left, impeding access to...
  8. cpw

    New tablesaw

  9. cpw

    Removing Peel & Stick Floor Tile Residue

    Thanks for all the ideas. I didn't want to cover with anything dimensional because we are replacing all of the flooring, except the bathrooms, with click-lock laminate, and I am trying to avoid height transitions. I already have two pairs of shoes that have a bunch of dirt and particle board...
  10. cpw

    How are you disposing of your oily finishing rags?

    Ditto for me.
  11. cpw

    Removing Peel & Stick Floor Tile Residue

    Bought a mobile home we're fixing up. Had peel & stick tile squares in the kitchen/laundry. The tile popped right up but left behind a lot of sticky residue. The sub-floor is particle board. Anyone have a go to method for removing the residue? Most common solutions on the interwebs: Soak...
  12. cpw

    Miter saw bench track/ stop block

    What you propose does not seem that complicated. A lot of fences have adjustable indicators. The issue I have thought about related to the flip stops is that if you don't have one and you need to square one end before you make the final cut to the other end, and you don't have the clearance in...
  13. cpw

    The one and only What are you Bringing list

    Jordan Lake SRA - Poplar Point 558 Beaver Creek Rd, Apex, NC 27502 (919) 362-0586
  14. cpw

    The one and only What are you Bringing list

    Tater salad. Sorry. Robin and I have been out of the loop for a bit.
  15. cpw

    Oak Bed Frame

    Heavier IS better. I also noticed that the drawing does not include a center support. It can be as simple as a post fastened to the middle of the center slat, but a queen size bed MUST have a center support. Lack of support will void the warranty on most queen mattress sets. I saw it dozens of...
  16. cpw


    5' x 5' just like Baltic Brich
  17. cpw

    Project Gutenberg

    U Penn's Online Books Page indexes free ebooks from across the web, mostly from institutions of higher learning. Their woodworking selection has more titles than I expected.
  18. cpw

    Basement Workshop setup.....need input !!

    I have a basement workshop and had to start from almost as bare-bones as you are. My shop is long and about half the length is only 9-feet wide. Less than 8' overhead clearance as well. I had an existing stud wall between the shop and a finished room, which I insulated and hung 7/16" OSB so I...
  19. cpw

    Still have a good quantity of 1/2 and 3/4" phenolic

    If you use the 3/4" you might need a winch to get it on and off the table.
  20. cpw

    Oscillating Tool

    I agree that the quality of blade is the most important factor. I have not used a wide variety of brands because I don't use the tool that often but Imperial seems to be a good compromise between quality and price.

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