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    Latest Harpsichords

    Pleased to see you and Sandy are still making these classics. Have you kept count of the total? Harlan
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    Tea table

    What a prize! I like the design of the legs. Beefy at the right places, then shaped into a nicely refined foot. That should reduce the chance of failure on similar, but more slender legs on tea tables and candle stands configured like this. How would I know this? Congratulations on a notable...
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    Tool of the past or is a radial arm saw awesome?

    My Crafstman RAS is 1974 vintage. I made a heavy, stable and flat table for it which improved accuracy over the original flakeboard surface. Following owners' manual procedure for alignments, they can be pretty accurate for crosscutting. Safety issues can be moderated quite a bit by using a...
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    Attaching leather to wood.

    I've used hide glue to fasten baize/felt to an old desk's writing surface and it's held up well. Haven't tried it with leather. If reversibility is an issue, hide glue works well in that regard.
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    Shop Build

    Lighting. You might have a lot of outside light built into your design. We didn't. When we did our "walk thru" with the electrical contractor for our walk-out lower level garage and shop 19 years ago, the contractor said "that's the code level lighting". It was clear with my aging eyes we...
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    Shop Build

    Venting vacuum outdoors will require a way to provide outside air into the shop if windows and doors are to be kept closed. If HVAC is active there are air exchangers that include a heat exchanger to minimize heat/cool losses. Nice shop, right-sized and it will be fun to fill. Dreams can come...
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    Southern Yellow Heart Pine

    Don Williams reported satisfaction with the SYP he bought at Virginia Frame in Fishersville, VA for a Nicholson Bench he was making. A year or so earlier he mentioned great satisfaction with an Amish sawmill in "southern Maryland" for SYP but gave no more contact details. I don't know if he's...
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    Brushing Lacquer... do you have a favorite brush?

    I've found pre-wetting my bristle brush in the appropriate thinner, then shaking the excess out will help the finish flow more smoothly. And the brush will be easier to clean. For really small items, I've even used this with a disposable "chip bristle brush" to get a good result. Harlan
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    According to my wife ...

    After five stitches to close the flesh on my thumb, I adopted firm self-rules. If I am getting in a hurry and rushing, no power tools (the cause of that thumb injury). If I don't have time to put the proper devices on the power tool, I stop. If I'm tired, I don't use power tools. I blame...
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    Heat resistant finish for rifle stocks

    5 decades back I used Casey's Tru oil, a linseed oil based wiping varnish. It's held up well. I see Birchwood Casey is still in business focused on the firearm restoration and maintenance special interests. I'm not current on more modern options. Good luck. HJanes
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    What do you do with offcuts?

    Check with art teachers in local schools before trashing them. Some teachers value the pieces, and most teachers never have sufficient budget for materials.
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    Hillbilly glue press

    Ditto for bags of birdshot. Conform to most shapes, not slippery. Dense weight. hj
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    Where can I find walnut plywood near raleigh?

    If you need a lot of premium plywood, it might be worth checking Atlantic Veneer in Beaufort, NC (the town, not the county). It manufactures plywood and they have an outlet store. Haven't been there for a long time but they used to be able to supply at a pretty good price, and at that time (10...
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    Cross-country moving costs for ww equipment

    We moved from northern Illinois to eastern NC some years ago, and our stuff had to go into storage between the venues. Mover helped me estimate total cost per pound which came to a large number. So we put a $$ value on each item based on shipping costs to evaluate the sell or move option. As...
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    OK. How did they make this simple thing?

    One might try heating / over-drying the rough batten before fitting it snugly into the dado, then letting ambient humidity tighten it. One thought.
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    New shop, question about venting dust collection outside

    Second the comment about dryer vent. It's too restrictive for the volume of air you'll be moving. And you'll be surprised at how fast nature will dissipate a pile of shavings in the woods.
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    Pressure Washer help?

    I use a small green machine power washer I bought at Lowe's on my boat. 120 v electric. About $99. Compact enough to easily store. If you use a cleaning solution this machine might have all the power you need.
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    Composite decking

    You're getting good advice. We chose an encapsulated composite from Moisture Shield to replace our wooden deck. Two years and all is well. Specs require no more than 16 in centers and we mounted some at 45 degrees which the specs require 12 in centers. And that has worked fine here...

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