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  1. cpw

    Seeing KILZ on white ceiling - any tips?

    As part of our mobile home renovation we are repainting. My son was helping and hit some discolored spots on the ceiling with KILZ, and now I cannot see them clearly to go back over the treated spots with the paint. I don't want to repaint the whole ceiling, just the spots. The KILZ is a...
  2. cpw

    Changing entry door swing side?

    As I have stated previously, my wife and I are rehabing a mobile home. We're downsizing and will be using it as a transition place. I am going to replace the front door and storm door. Currently the storm door out-swings to the left and the entry door in-swings to the left, impeding access to...
  3. cpw

    Removing Peel & Stick Floor Tile Residue

    Bought a mobile home we're fixing up. Had peel & stick tile squares in the kitchen/laundry. The tile popped right up but left behind a lot of sticky residue. The sub-floor is particle board. Anyone have a go to method for removing the residue? Most common solutions on the interwebs: Soak...
  4. cpw

    Heavy duty rubber flooring in the shop?

    Here at work we have a workout room with some mondo tough "rubber" flooring. The flooring has been in place over concrete for 6-7 years at this point, and has heavy Nautilus equipment and even some free weights, and the floor still looks great. No visible wear or damage that I can see. It's...
  5. cpw

    Asheville CL: Performax 22-44 PRO Drum Sander - $1200 (Mars Hill, NC)

    Not mine. I'd jump on it if I had the $$, but I don't. It was $1700 when I saw it yesterday. Performax 22-44 PRO Drum Sander - $1200 (Mars Hill, NC)
  6. cpw

    Asheville CL: FIFTY 20' X 6" PVC PIPE SCH 40 $45. ( small number $55. - $55 (SWANNANOA)

    Not mine. XXXX FIFTY 20' X 6" PVC PIPE SCH 40 $45. ( small number $55. - $55 (SWANNANOA)
  7. cpw

    HELP! We bought an air compressor...

    All my past experiences with compressors have been in shops where they had what they had so that's what we worked with, so essentially, I know nothing. We bought a Kobalt QUIET TECH 26-Gallon Portable Electric Vertical Air Compressor. It comes with 1/4" couplers, and I was going to switch them...
  8. cpw

    This is PureBond? My recent experience @ the BORG

    I went down to the BORG in Spartanburg to pick up some 3/4" PureBond for some shop projects. What I found in the hole was extremely disappointing. I had just begun digging through when the forklift drone showed up with some sheathing to put away. I told him I'd be a while so he should go ahead...
  9. cpw

    CL, NIB, stolen?

    I am looking at a New-In-Box tool on Craigslist. It is normally $280 at the store. Listing is for $200. It's pretty sizable, not like you could just walk out the door with it under your coat. Do you think there's much chance it's stolen?
  10. cpw

    Greensboro CL - Timberking 1600 Sawmill - $16500

    Not mine. Belonged to the BIL of my coworker. A friend is helping his widow sell it.
  11. cpw

    Christmas Gift from LOML

    My wife, Robin, (crc) is taking machining classes at Isothermal Community College, mainly to learn CAD/CAM/CNC, with the end goal of eventually starting our own furniture and craft business. She turned (pun fully intended) some of her course projects into gifts for me.
  12. cpw

    AVL CL - Rockwell Bench Top Drill Press - $100 (West Asheville)

    Not mine:
  13. cpw

    Asheville CL - 36" Oliver bandsaw - $2500 (Candler)

    Not mine. I have not idea what these beasts should go for, but I thought someone might be interested.
  14. cpw

    Asheville CL - Planer/Joiner by Grizzly - $800 (shelby)

    Not mine - Planer/Joiner by Grizzly - $800 (shelby)
  15. cpw

    Pipe clamp starter set

    Asheville CL (Not mine) - 3/4" Iron Pipe - $100 (Hendersonville)
  16. cpw

    Clarification: Handling fresh white pine

    I want to clarify, my main question is: Does anyone know how long it will take the resin to dry so the logs can be handled without getting the stuff everywhere?
  17. cpw

    Asheville CL: Incredible dimensional Cumaru lumber/Brazilian Chestnut!

    I know nothing about it:
  18. cpw

    Asheville CL - Delta Left Tilt Unisaw, 52" Biesemeyer Fence - $1500 (Waynesville)

    Not mine. Know nothing about it.
  19. cpw

    Asheville CL - Pair of DW733 Planers $200 each

    Not mine. Know nothing about them:
  20. cpw

    Fix or Replace?

    I noticed a couple weeks back that the handle was cracked on my 4 lb. engineer's hammer (my "little sledge"). Yesterday it finally split down the length. After some drilling and work with a punch I got the rest of the handle out and went to the Ace for a new handle. I expected there to be so...

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