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    Red Grandis

    Ironic, Just reading about Red Grandis in the current Woodcraft magazine.
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    Leaf blower died

    Thanks, just the inspiration I needed- and found it in Greenville where I'll be on Thursday. Now, I'll just have to remember a container, or two. They sell kerosene too!
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    A couple recent turnings...

    I like ur style MM Do say howdy to those who might remember me tonight please
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    Wishing you the best results Bruce. Will say a prayer for your recovery.
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    Making progress on Federal Card Table

    Thanks Jim-looks like a very elegant solution, being a brass admirer.
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    630 Rockwell Router - Now She Purrs Like a Kitten

    Always handy with practical solutions and suggestions, thanks B
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    Making progress on Federal Card Table

    STUNNING work, Jim. Source for lock?
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    Lovingly Remembered

    Sorry for your loss Phil
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    Latest Project

    Stunning piece.
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    Should I separate my shop to its own sub panel?

    When I did the addition to the house, I had to move the feed because it was in would be under the projected slab. That prompted the possibility of extra panels for the shop. Ended up with several additional panels, one for the original shop, one for the utility room for a dust collector, and...
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    Which one?

    Thanks Mark and Oka for the advice - should be getting it up and ready tomorrow as the host returns on Thursday to a pleasant surprise(we hope). Ed
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    Which one?

    Due to the issue with the certificate, or whatever was going on, my request was at least two days delayed. Someone got the 779, so it's a done deal. Didn't realize they were working such a tight schedule, as the next get together is next Tuesday. Thanks for your input, Ed
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    Which one?

    Thanks Hank, but one of the group pulled the trigger & got the 779
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    Which one?

    Just the kind of experience that makes this group such a valuable resource- Thank you Frank
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    Which one?

    A small group of neighbors want to replace the chop saw that the host has with either model of the Dewalt 12" sliders. 780 has the XPS system- any benefit having that over stop block? We do a lot of repetition, as we make cutting boards for benefit auctions, etc. Anyone get this and do not...
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    Hope can get some more fulfillment, and are able to pass on what you can. Thank you for what you have done for this group and for me individually. Ed
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    Screwing and Gluing Joints

    I think I'd have to be shown that installation post adhering would be detrimental. I use a nail gun frequently as an addition to clamping.`
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    Delta Jointer?

    Shop/tool owner still out, but we had a work morning and 7/16-14 bolt worked fine. Now to get it to do what it is supposed to, IE cut a straight edge-lol Producing a convex on the middle of a four foot board, where a foot one looks good. Any advice? Thanks, Ed
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    Free wood

    Didn't even loose power, nor have any issues traveling to site, other than traffic. Cops were still blocking streets, and we passed a street with a chain-link fence up at the entrance.
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    Free wood

    The worst of many, lasted over a mile and cut a wide swath. The one where T and I was in Dallas proper.

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