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    Which one?

    A small group of neighbors want to replace the chop saw that the host has with either model of the Dewalt 12" sliders. 780 has the XPS system- any benefit having that over stop block? We do a lot of repetition, as we make cutting boards for benefit auctions, etc. Anyone get this and do not...
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    Free wood

    Did some one want some of this? Don't think PE comes this far west , ; ) Church had a work day, especially helpful for those who claimed there wasn't insurance on their belongings. Can not believe there were no fatalities, nor even serious injuries after driving through some of the worst of...
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    Delta Jointer?

    Looking at the infeed table lifting lever socket for a model 37-190C Delta 6" jointer, or needing thread type and size. The infeed table adjustment handle is missing,( no wonder it was so cheap). There is no notation in instruction manual on size and type of threads. Hate to use a...
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    Thanks to the mentors

    Thanks to the advisors and mentors who offered advice on building methods and sequences of panel cabinet doors. Dr.Bob, pop-pop, Dan, Mark, Jim, Matt, & Willem. I was pleased with how well(so far) and easily the setup was obtained. Kept reference tests just in case. Thanks to a new friend...
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    Hot day with Mike

    Another kudo for Mr Davis and his willingness to drive, and to help educate fellow woodworkers. Needed an inspiration to do up those wonderful chisels I got at Aldi's (8bucks) years ago, and fussed at today working on strike plate install. Seven years ago from FB, Ed
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    SWAT '19

    A few of the objects that I found interesting at the turning symposium in Waco.
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    Planet Mesquite video

    Dallas Area Woodturners uploaded the video from last months meeting that John Tisdale talks about his turning the 1000 pound chunk. Enjoy, Ed
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    Planet Mesquite Demo

    Last evening John Tisdale displayed his Planet Mesquite project for the first time at the Dallas Area Woodturners group. What a fascinating piece of wood turning. I'm beginning to understand how "everything is bigger in Texas " applied, if this is an example. Oneway offered advice on...
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    Raised panel question

    Making just two panel doors for the house. Does it matter if the rails and stiles are shaped before doing the cove and relief on the panel? Or should I run the panel first?
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    2x4 entry

    Just completed one of my entries for the local club, NTWA, which I could say was fun (except for the hours of rasping and sanding). I glued up squared 2 byes and cut rings on band saw free hand. Definitely need to make a circle jig. Quarter for scale. Ed
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    Delta SQUAWKING ?

    Finally got some help hanging my Delta 50-875 air cleaner and now it is not working. Making a sound like it doesn't like something (warning signal?)so it is getting power. It is not level. No note in instructions as to this issue. Removed filters and washed the initail and shook out the cloth...
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    Headed to SWAT again in less that two weeks. Wondering if anyone else would be attending from the Triangle. Last two years I met several folks from NC. Having only the Greensboro and Georgia symposiums to compare SWAT to, I think it is worth the trip, at least from Plano ; ) Stay safe, Ed
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    Mirka DEOS

    My five inch sander had an issue; switch wouldn't work nor would the unit even have the indicator show it was getting power. So back it went, a second time in about two years. What with the packing of the shop, moving, and setting up here in Texas I am sure I put less than two hours on it...
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    what caused this aberration?

    Last night at the local meet up a piece of 2x4 was presented. Several suggestions, but nothing conclusive in my mind. Several thought it was beetle induced and or fire kill. Any suggestions from this group? The label side that looks like it was hit with a hammer, but is flat and smooth. Stay...
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    Strange site sighted

    Still working through another DW's project. Stumped on this one; strip LED cut in half to run on shelves in island. (Worked fine on reel for the moment I tested it.) Had to expand provided connections, which were for corners, etc. Switched out wiring to get it running,while the one closer to...
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    Limed oak drill press stand

    Went with the majority of plywood grain direction-thanks for voting! Not without frustration, which I'm blaming on age related mental degeneration,lol.
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    Grain orientation poll

    Making a DP stand with some oak I had and thought I'd do a high contrast limed(cerused) finish as shown. Frame and panel door with plywood panel. Do you like the panel grain horizontal like the rails and drawer fronts? Or, vertical to match the stiles? thanks, Ed
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    casters for Jet 1642?

    Now that I am relocated to a much more confined garage, did I mention DW is getting a convertible that has to be garaged:mad:, wondering who has what on their lathe or what you would recommend ?? 3/8ths stem on feet now, don't turn heavy blanks, but would like them to be locking. Thanks, Ed
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    Emerson comes through $$

    After over two months, the check arrived today for the RAS recall. Got what I paid for it and still have an anchor(or recycling) and stand. Regards, Ed
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    RAS return

    Just got my return box ordered from Emerson on the Craftsman Radial Arm Saw that I've had for a while. Kudos go out to this site, as I never would have heard of the recall otherwise being purchased used. Free box, free shipping and a check to boot! Thanks, Ed

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