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  1. dino drosas

    Looking for Ebony

    Coremark International, ( ) in Weaverville, NC has it. Most likely the best selection ov exotic wood in the USA. If you are ever in this area, you got to see this place!!!
  2. dino drosas

    Set your VCR's New series, "ROUGH CUT" TODAY

    Guess I am showing my age referring to a VCR. I actually meant DVR. I watched the show and was pleased with both the pace and the content. Looking forward to future episodes
  3. dino drosas

    Set your VCR's New series, "ROUGH CUT" TODAY

    The beginning of the new woodworking series "Rough Cut" begins today featuring Tom McLaughlin. It is being aired on ETV (Cannel 16 0r 17 on Spectrum Cable and Channel 33 on Directv) at 5:00 pm. This should be a must see for any wood worker of all skill levels.
  4. dino drosas

    Surface Rust

    "SANDFLEX BLOCKS" is a product made just for this purpose. They absolutely work! Available from Klingspor Woodworking Shop - buy the set (course, medium and fine for $9.95). Best money you will ever spend to maintain your metal tools!!!
  5. dino drosas

    Favorite handplane

    One of my favorites!
  6. veneered sofa table

    veneered sofa table

  7. veneered sofa table

    veneered sofa table

  8. veneered sofa table

    veneered sofa table

  9. dino drosas

    Looking for some small butt cabinet hinges

    Those hinges appear to be for drop leaf table top
  10. IMGP1541


  11. dino drosas

    The INCA has landed

    The Inca band has was finally delivered and I could not be more pleased with the purchase. Much heavier duty than I had imagined and in great shape. After a through cleaning, a new blade and careful set up and fine tuning; performance is every bit as good as I had thought it would be. I have a...
  12. dino drosas

    20" disc sander

    Jeremy 1k for a new Powermatic was a steal. I picked up this used Jet for half that. My previous sander was a 3 phase Powermatic with reversing switch. A 3 phase motor can easily be made to run in reverse by swapping two wires and if 3 phase power is not available, an inexpensive VFD can be...
  13. dino drosas

    20" disc sander

    I have been looking for a deal on one of these for quite a while and found a great buy on Ebay on this sander. I had one of these before and sold it - big mistake. I replaced it with an oscillating edge sander and found I never used nor needed it so I am selling it. This is a real go to tool in...
  14. dino drosas

    Miter Saw Dust Collection

    Guess you will just have to get a Festool Kapex miter saw. Thank you NC Woodworker spring raffle for mine - first thing I ever won. The dust collection is absolutely amazing; almost 100%. Pretty much the case with all of their tools.
  15. dino drosas

    New Inca band saw

    The saw is bought and paid for. It came from Asheville and was delivered to a friend of mine in Tryon. He makes frequent trips to Myrtle Beach and will deliver to me soon. I have just picked up a 20" disc sander which should be delivered in the next few days. I had one and sold it - big mistake.
  16. dino drosas

    New Inca band saw

    I have had just the opposite experience with the Delta three wheeler. Nothing but good service and have never broken a blade. I use 3 tip industrial quality 1/4" blades and get excellant results. I understand the theory of the small radius of the wheels causing the blades to stress and break...
  17. dino drosas

    New Inca band saw

    I just recently located and purchase an Inca 20" band saw. Been lusting for one of these for some time now. Should have it within a week and then I am done buying equipment - at least thats what I'm telling myself. The Inca is a three wheel saw with a deep throat that will be used for curved...
  18. dino drosas

    Sculpted Maloof Inspired Rocker

    Great work! Having made one of this style rocker, I know what is involved and do not want to make another. Most any chair is a challenge but the Maloof falls into a different catagory. I do not envy your upcoming project of multiple dining chairs as chairs are not my favorite build.
  19. dino drosas

    Entire shop for sale

    This listed on crags list in Murrells Inlet just 15 miles south of Myrtle Beach. It is neither mine nor do I have interest in it!
  20. dino drosas

    Most Amazing desk

    This has to be one of the best examples of craftsmanship in the world: And to think the guy who made this over two hundred years ago did it with hand tools alone. Bang it here @ Amazing Antique Desk.

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