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    Goodwill lathe - who next?

    Hi everyone Right now NCWW Goodwill lathe in my shop, and I'll be happy to transfer it for next member. I have a lot of fun with it and totally can recommend try turning! Anyone wants to use it? I can bring all staff to picnic.
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    My first turning with goodwill lathe done

    Hi guys, first of all big thanks for community that give me opportunity to use goodwill latha. I want to share pictures of my first try.
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    Small walnut side table done

    Hellow, just want to share some pictures with my last project. It is firs time that I work with epoxy.
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    Good blade for small bandsaw

    Hi guys, Presently I get small delta 9" bandsaw. Can you recommend good blade for it? I mostly interesting 1/8 blade width for curved wood trimming. Sorry if it's dumb question. Blade length for my saw 59-1/2"
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    Hi everybody

    Hi guys My name is Alex, I moved from Russia 2 years ago and started to do some woodworking here. Just want to say hallow everybody. Here is some of my project. My wife help me a lot with toys painting. I follow this forum around 1 month and can say, that I happy to found so friendly community...

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