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    Routing advice

    Hi all, I have a chunk of wood from an old beam from a barn. I want to route it out this end of it and make a cigar ashtray. Can I route it with that crack or should I fill it with epoxy first?
  2. J

    Mounting a barnwood beam

    About a month ago I asked where I could find a barnwood beam. I ended up using The Barn Side of a Broad in Garner. Debbie was great and found me a fantastic beam. I replaced my old mantel with it this weekend and wrote up a how-to. Check it out: Mounting a floating barn beam mantel
  3. J

    According to my wife ...

    ... my table saw is for sale.
  4. J

    Barn beam

    I'm looking to replace the (incredibly ugly) 1970's era mantel above my fireplace and am considering a barn beam. Can anyone recommend a good source in the Raleigh area? I'm willing to drive 1-1.5 hours if needed.
  5. J

    stop hinges

    Hi all. I'm not much of a woodworker but when I gave up beekeeping, and saw all the wonderfully patinated frames I had, I knew I wanted to build something with them. I decided on a box which I then decided to convert to a watch box. It's pretty simple. No nails or screws (just Gorilla Glue). I...

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